Everything You Need To Know About Bearings

Everything You Need To Know About Bearings

Bearings- a term that every electrician or is well aware of. If you have ever repaired a fan or anything that rotates in a loop, you might know what a bearing is. It’s an element used in machines like coolers and exhausts to reduce the friction among the rotatory parts. To learn more about bearings, stay with us till the end. We are going to reveal some vital information about the bearings that you might not know.

What Exactly Is A Bearing?

As said above, sleeve bearings or a spherical plain bearing reduces friction in a linear or rotary application. They function through a sliding motion instead of rolling motions used by needles, rollers, and ball bearings. Sleeve bearings and plain bearings are the two most commonly used types of bearings.

They are manufactured using various materials. Bearings are lubricated to offer greater durability and a smooth operation. A bearing consists of mainly one part, made by combining various materials, mixed and layered into a system that can carry the load. Sleeve and plain bearings are very cheap, lightweight, compact, and capable of carrying high-loads. 

Types Of Bearings

Bearings are of three types- sleeve, flanged and lined bearings. Here’s more about these bearings:

  • Sleeve Bearing: This bearing is cylindrical with straight outer and interior diameters.


  • Flanged Bearing: A flanged bearing bronze contains a flange on its end. This flange is used to locate the surface during the assembly.


  • Lined Bearing: It’s made from a material that is different from the above two bearings. You can identify a lined bearing through the linings on its surface.\

Surface Material

Sleeve bearings or plain bearings use various surface materials. Some sleeve bearings and plain bearings have oil-impregnated hardwood surfaces. We mainly use them in agricultural applications. Others contain a self-lubricated surface that is made from molten metal and graphite. Since some applications don’t support full-film, lubrication helps the bearing to work properly. 

Talking about the material, bearings are made from a variety of substances. Most of the brands prefer using bronze for manufacturing the bearings. Bronze is a material with lots of advantages. Here are some of the reasons why manufacturers prefer bronzer over other material:

  • Bronze is a solid alloy consisting of 80-88 percent copper and 12–12.5% tin and other metals. The presence of these metals makes this allow a strong and durable option for producing bearings.


  • It’s very inexpensive. This alloy is much cheaper than other materials like pure copper, aluminum, or steel.


  • A product’s cost of production depends upon the material that is being used in it. In the case of copper, the production cost of bearings is very reasonable. 

Things To Consider When Buying A Bronze Bearing

There are dozens of manufacturers in the market. Shopping for a bearing may look like a tiny thing, but it can become complex without even you knowing about it. Picking a wrong bearing will not only waste your money, but it will be of no use for your application, too. That’s why it’s crucial to take into account some important aspects when buying bronze sleeve bearings. Here are all essential considerations:

  • Don’t forget to check the movement of the bearing. If it doesn’t move smoothly, don’t buy it.
  • Buy a bearing with a smooth surface but with a rough one.
  • Don’t buy a bearing if it looks used. You can check that- if the bearing tends to be rough or contains lots of scratches.
  • Make sure the bronze bushings or bearings you buy is properly lubricated.

Final Words

So, this were some important information about bearings. We hope this blog helped you in increasing your knowledge about bearing. In the end, if you like reading this blog, then do share it with all your friends that need to know about this information.