transflective lcd

Very much of you are not familiar with the properties of transflective LCD. Is it right? If it is right then you are here to gain your knowledge on LCDs as in this article we will discuss every possible aspect of transflective LCD.

  1. What is transflective LCD
  2. Display of transflective LCDs
  3. Advantages of transflective LCD
  4. Disadvantages of transflective LCD

What is transflective LCD

A transflective LSD works on the both transmissive method and the reflective method. Like transmissive use backlight transflective LCD also uses backlight with the addition of reflective mirror which helps in the passing of light through it from the back.

With the help of a transflective LCD, a user can get the benefit of qualities of both transmissive and reflective. But remember as the mirror used in these LCDs are meant to reflect front light as well as letting the backlight pass through it thus the mirror will not able to give 100% result as compared to the mirrors built for only one purpose.

Display of transflective LCDs

This transflective technology is usually used to introduce normal LCD screens with reflective functions. When you forced this technology on regular LCD screens then light passing through this normal LCD screen due to transflective LCD reflect and used as a brightness. As a result of it that regular LCD screens appear with more brightness and can be seen in direct sunlight. That’s why a transflective LCD display is also called a sunlight legible LCD.

Transflective LCD monitor

Transflective LCD monitor comes in a variety of from 1.5 to 24 with the addition of LED backlight (less consumption of power) and sunlight legible optical LCD glass.

Advanatges of transflective LCD

Polarizers used in transflective LCD have the advantage of power-saving due to the quality of less energy consumption. Transflective LCD can easily be seen in direct sunlight or any other lighting conditions. Besides that these LCDs are also used as an energy resource thus many people prefer transflective LCD in their mobile devices due to ideal battery saver quality.

On the other hand, when we talk about a transmissive LCD, its display consists of a reflector made in the front of the back light thus when light falls on this reflector it results in the brightness of the LCD. So transmissive LCDs backlight is more illuminated without using more power. But it has the drawback of not being able to be read when direct sunlight falls on it. Its display only brightens when the backlight turns on plus it is energy-consuming technology.

Disadvantages of transflective LCD

  • It has a faint backlight as compared to transmissive whose backlight is well brightening.
  • Its LCD has a low fresh frequency.
  • The colors do not well lighten. Transmission LCD shows colors.
  • Contrast is not good as compared with transmissive.
  • These LCDs are not best for advertising purposes.

The bottom line

Transflective LCDs are useful in their way as they can be used as power savers, can be worked both as transmissive and reflective, and its display is easily readable in the direct sunlight. So these LCDs are suitable in their working way.






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