Entrepreneur Piyush Dimri Explains Why Digital Marketing Is Important American Government

Entrepreneur Piyush Dimri Explains Why Digital Marketing Is Important American Government
Entrepreneur Piyush Dimri Explains Why Digital Marketing Is Important American Government

Piyush Dimri “History shows how digital marketing for governments can be used to raise awareness, inform and serve citizens better. This includes not only social networks but also websites or any other digital channel.”

Today we have Piyush Dimri who is just 24 years, a young entrepreneur from India who is running a successful digital marketing and media company Launchigo Media – Digital Marketing Company. Today he is going to share with us why digital marketing for governments Is important.

Let’s look a little more at the benefits of this, how best to plan strategies and some other success stories.

What Is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves any set of strategies designed to promote a brand on the internet. That includes:

➔ Email marketing

➔ Social media

➔ Blogs

➔ E-books

➔ SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

➔ Search marketing (Google ads, for example).

Among the advantages of using internet marketing tools and actions, it is to monitor the numbers in real-time and to have the potential to reach all people with access to the web.

We are aware that the internet is part of everyone’s life. We cannot ignore it, we must use it to improve the delivery and feedback of our services – which, in the case of this article, are public.

Digital Marketing Best Practices For Governments

Social media, websites and blogs are valuable channels for the public sector to communicate with the population and disseminate information of interest to them. However, when comparing the use of digital media in private companies, there is a fundamental difference.

Citizens are users of public services, but they are also their “owners”. The public reacts positively when there are government actions on these channels; however, if there is something wrong, he is the first to object.

One of the most common uses of digital marketing for governments is to publicize and encourage public policies. This is also the goal of the UK Department of Health’s strategy, which seeks to raise awareness of the problem of dementia.

Start With A Goal

All digital marketing actions must be directed toward this objective. Whenever resources are being spent that are inconsistent with the purpose, make adjustments. The priorities must always be up to date.

Do Not Separate Digital And Physical

There is no reason to take actions only on the internet. If possible, cross “real world” projects with those of digital marketing. Thus, both gain more strength and increase their potential.

Keep An Eye On The Numbers

Digital marketing in governments, basically, has the same objective as companies: to generate engagement and reach. Therefore, everything that is done needs to be based on numbers. Try to analyze specific metrics and design actions based on insights from the measurements.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing For Governments

The benefits of digital marketing strategies in the public sector go even further. Check out some, also listed by Stephen Hale:

➔ Gathers intelligent insights into public policies that can change the lives of the population, helping to make better decisions.

➔ Enables public organizations to be more transparent.

➔ Increases the access of people not physically present in the institutions, during actions carried out by the government.

It Facilitates the evaluation of data extracted from public opinion.

Digital Marketing For Governments Is Important

By creating direct channels of communication with citizens, governments are exposed to both incentives and criticism. However, the benefits can be many.

In this article, you saw:

➔ Some best practices for applying digital marketing in public institutions

➔ The benefits that can come from actions

➔ Successful digital strategies in governments