End of Lease Cleaning Services

End of lease cleaning

End of lease cleaning is a term that is often used by landlords to describe the vacating of the premises. Most of the time, when a tenant moves out, he or she might hire a tenant to clean the area. Some renters will do the cleaning themselves. Sometimes, however, the tenant may need to get hired help to clean the place.

Often, the renter will hire a team of cleaners to do the cleaning on their rental properties. This is because it is not a very good job for just one person to do. One reason why many tenants hire cleaning services is that it would be so tedious to clean the property all by oneself.

Choosing the Best Service Provider

So, when the landlord finds out that the renter hired a team of cleaning staff, they should be informed. It may be that the landlord would then charge the renter with extra expenses. However, you will have to ensure that you ask the landlord for a receipt to show the expenses that the landlord charges. If you can’t find the receipts, then you will have to make sure that you discuss the matter with the landlord. They might be willing to waive the additional costs if you can show them that the tenants hired an adequate cleaning service.

What happens if the renter didn’t hire a cleaning service?

The first thing that you should do is to consult with the landlord. The landlord may offer to let you use their equipment to clean the place. However, the landlord may want to charge you a fee for doing this.

Once the cleaning is done, the landlord should either pay the tenants or offer to cover the cost of the cleaning. Once the landlord gets rid of the excess of furniture and other items, he or she will have to deduct the cost of the cleaning from the monthly rent. Although the landlord might think of doing this, sometimes, the renter can offer to cover the cost of the cleaning.

Points to Consider

A renter will also have to take note of the receipt for the cleaning. He or she should keep the receipts for a couple of months until the tenant or the landlord get their invoices. Many times, the landlord wants to allow the tenant to use the cleanup money for other things that they are paying for. But, the renter should make sure that he or she puts the money back in the bank.

After the cleaning is done, it is important that the renter allows the tenant to come back to the rented property at least once a month. Sometimes, the tenant needs to come back to see if everything is OK or to clean the place up. The landlord might also hire someone to do the cleaning on their behalf.

Everyone needs a clean home and office when they are enjoying with family, watching TV or reading news. End of lease cleaning isn’t as complicated as you might think. In fact, you will probably find that it will be quite easy to clean up after your tenant leaves.