Dunnage Air Bags Market to expand at a CAGR of ~4.4% by 2027

Transparency Market Research delivers key insights on the dunnage air bags market in its published report, which include global industry analysis, size, share, growth, trends, and forecast for 20212030. In terms of growth, the global dunnage air bags market is projected to witness growth of 4.4%, by the end of 2030, owing to the increasing demand for shipments. TMR offers detailed insights and forecasts in the dunnage air bags market report.

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dunnage air bags market

The growth of the shipping & logistics industry, due to rise in global trade among countries, has resulted in the use of more packaging materials such as dunnage air bags. The increase in global trade has fueled the demand for cargo safekeeping materials such as dunnage air bags, thus driving the dunnage air bags market. Moreover, key cargo movers and cargo shipping advisors are preferring dunnage air bags over bubble-wraps and crumpled paper for ensuring safety of cargo till it reaches the final destination. The demand for global rail logistics due to its cost saving advantage is increasing, further propelling the demand for packaging products including dunnage air bags, and is projected to show positive growth in the upcoming years.

Attributes of Dunnage Air Bags Fueling Growth of Global Market

Over the years, dunnage air bags are being used for securing cargo. The dunnage air bags come with various features such as light in weight, durable, cost-efficient, weather-resistant, load stabilizing capacity, waterproof, and recyclable. All such attributes lead to the demand for dunnage air bags. Polywoven dunnage air bags, which are comparatively lighter than Kraft paper dunnage air bags, help in working easily during loading and unloading of cargo. In addition, polywoven dunnage air bags provide resistance to weather and other environmental hazards, which attract product manufacturers to use it.

Moreover, vinyl dunnage air bags are inflated, which result in more safety of the product, and it expands and contracts with the altitude, which can be used on hairpinned roads. This attaches the attention of the customer to the extra safety of the product. Moreover, these dunnage air bags are waterproof that allows customers to use them during refrigerated transport. Furthermore, the Kraft paper dunnage air bags are recyclable, easily disposable, and economical.

Introduction of Inflatable Dunnage Air Bags Accelerating Market Growth in Dominant Regions

Technology advancements have given rise to inflatable dunnage air bags that are light in weight as well as save cost, thus increasing the profit margins of product manufacturers. The inflatable dunnage air bags secures the shape of the product, which it is protecting, thereby ensuring security of the product at an advanced level. Majorly, dunnage air bags are demanded in dominant regions such as Europe and North America, due to their increasing trade activities in domestic as well as international markets.

In addition, these regions use latest growing technologies, which leads to early adoption of the product. In case of dunnage air bags, inflatable dunnage air bags are technologically advanced, which is a positive signal for the sales of these dunnage air bags in dominant regions such as Europe and North America.

Furthermore, inflatable dunnage air bags can be manufactured in countries such as China where the manufacturing cost is low due to cheap resource and technology cost, which will increase profit margins of manufacturers.

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Dunnage Air Bags Market: Competition Landscape

The global dunnage air bags market is highly fragmented in nature wherein the larger portion of market share is held by domestic players. Some of the key players operating in the global dunnage air bags market are Cordstrap B.V.,Green Label Packaging, Atmet Group Inc, Stopak India Pvt. Ltd., Shippers Products, Shippers Europe Sprl, Bates Cargo-Pak APS, Litco International, Inc., Cargo Tuff LLC, Bulk-Pack, Inc., Etap Packaging International GmbH, International Dunnage AS, Plastix USA LLC, Tianjin Zerpo Supply Co. Ltd., Atlas Dunnage, Guangzhou Packbest Air Packaging Co. Ltd., Phoebese Industrial (Shanghai) Co, Ltd, Vir Engineers, Eltete Middle East FZ LLC and Down River, Inc.

The tier structure is formulated on the basis of segmental revenue and market share of the company. As per tier structure, players Cordstrap BV, Shippers Products, Bulk Pack, Inc., and International Dunnage AS are the Tier 1 players in the dunnage air bags market. These players are characterized by high production capacity and wide product portfolio. Tier 2 players include Stopak India Private Limited, Bates Cargo Pak APS, Litco International, Inc., Etap Packaging International GmbH, Plastix USA LLC, Atlas Dunnage, Phoebese Industrial Company Limited, and Vir Engineers, among others.

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