Haider Ali Khan
Haider Ali Khan

Tech guys are very hard to find these days, wonder why? Because not everyone of them are experts in all fields of technological advancement and cyber security. However, if one looks hard enough to avail the services that they crave for, only be able to look up to Haider Ali Khan to meet up to their demands. Wonder why? There are more than just a number of reasons for Haider Ali Khan to be a popular cyber security expert, let’s get to know him and his websites.

It is the technological advancements that have brought upon marvellous developments in the field of our digital world. Along with technological advancement, the number of cyber attacks have also increased and there are more than a number of cyber offenders who have been caught red handed. However, what about those who are still out there, looking for the opportunity to get into your private business terms and know some confidential details that might harm your company or Institute? This is why web hosting companies undergo a lot of speculations once an Institute or organisation decides to use their web hosting service.

With Sudoly right here, they now have nothing to worry about.

Coming directly from the cyber security expert who has been in the field since 18 years of age, this Australian man has surpassed all the levels and established a profound web hosting service Sudoly that can work closely with people all over the world and still guarantee no breach in security terms. This is some exceptionally good news for so many organisations, even government agencies and educational institutes have availed their services still now, that makes more than 50,000 customers. Although it was established in 2014, the requirement has increased in the present times because of the digitalization age.

Haider Ali Khan is deeply invested in this cyber security world, he is not just a simple analyst, he is a dedicated E Commerce businessman who shows all the qualities of entrepreneurship flawlessly. Running a number of other brands and businesses that he mostly keeps confidential for specific purposes, one of his technology websites for Apple news is very popular- iLounge. Be it an update, a new release, or even a specific glitch that you have been complaining about for several weeks, you can simply look up the solution or analysed details in iLounge

No wonder Haider Ali Khan is well known in the circles, even with popular technology companies like Facebook, Google, Adobe and Microsoft. Gone are those days of insecurity, choose Sudoly, choose safety.


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