Differences between the types of hosting services

windows web hosting uk

windows web hosting uk

Hi! Do you know how 4 types of hosting services differ: shared hosting, VPS servers, dedicated servers, and cloud servers?

Shared Hosting

This is the most popular type of hosting service. All the work with the server settings is done by the company offering the service. We do not need to have virtually any IT knowledge to use this type of service. Just order  windows web hosting UK , buy a domain and thanks to a few clicks we can have our website. Admittedly, the environment shared with other users and the ease of use entails restrictions on server configurability, because adjusting it to one user would destabilize it for other people keeping their pages on the same server. However, these restrictions will not be noticeable for a regular user of shared hosting. Why? Because such gridhosting review is intended for small and medium commercial applications, such as business card websites or small online stores, and private applications, and for such a user the most important will not be the ability to configure the server, but its ease of use, low price, and stability, and this shared hosting ensures 100%. At the moment, shared hosting operators use user separation programs. This is to prevent the use of the entire machine’s resources by one user. Thanks to this, we don’t have to worry about the situation in which our site will cease to be available, because another user will use all the power of the server. At this point, there is a problem with shared hosting. By using email hosting UK , we can suffer for the sins of others. Why? Because all users of one server have the same IP address (own address is an additional paid option). Let’s imagine the situation that on one server there are two websites with many of the same e-mail addresses in their databases. One of the users corresponds culturally with his clients, the other one got these addresses on some stock exchange and starts sending spam. An upset recipient blocks his address and … then his correspondence with an honest user breaks off because both good and bad have the same IP addresses. However, there is nothing to worry about, it is an effective remedy. All you have to do is order your IP address from our service provider. Thanks to this, we will not be exposed to the consequences of unethical actions of other service users.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) servers

The VPS server is an intermediate solution between shared hosting and a dedicated server. The VPS server can be called a “virtual dedicated machine”. How do these windows hosting UK  solutions work? A virtualization layer is installed on the server, thanks to which every user gets their virtual machine, i.e. all resources of a framework, CPU and HDD. There can be several virtual servers on one physical machine, each with a guarantee of power and resources available to the user. VPS servers give us almost any configuration and management capabilities, thanks to the fact that the virtualization layer turns physical resources into virtual ones, thanks to which we can install any environment. For this, we get access to the SSH console, which allows us to almost fully control and configure it. Anyone who has the need and the right knowledge will be able to fully configure their VPS server, install the tools and environments of their choice. For those who do not have such needs, VPS servers are equipped with administrative panels known from shared hosting. Using VPS and Hillingdon grid webmail we can use additional, free resources not used by other users at “looser” hours, for example at night. Then our server is even more efficient and has more power, and we pay nothing for this benefit. However, we must remember that during rush hour we can only count on what we paid for. Speaking of available resources, it is worth mentioning that on a VPS server we can easily expand our virtual machine to a certain point along with the increase in our needs.

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Dedicated server

For dedicated servers, we have two options. Either we rent the entire machine from the service provider or we put our equipment in its server room. The second solution, called collocation, is less convenient, because at the beginning we have to invest a lot of money to buy a server, and you also have to pay for the server room lease. However, the biggest drawback is the need to provide full technical support for your server. We must remove all repairs and failures on our own. If the server goes down, we don’t exist on the network until it is repaired. For this, we have to spend a lot of money on the machine to start. To have fun in this you need to have very large funds and even greater self-denial. Purchasing a dedicated server is a better idea. Using a dedicated server, we can configure it for your own needs. We choose the system and the tools on which it will work. Dedicated servers are designed for the largest and most demanding users who want to be sure of the stability of their solutions.

Cloud Server

Cloud servers are the youngest type of hosting services. They compile costs kept at the level of VPS servers with configuration options for dedicated servers. What is this about? A classic server is such a very complex and very efficient computer, but it is still vulnerable. When it happens, the resources we make available on the web are not available until it is closed. In the case of Cloud servers, we do not have such problems, because we do not get a single device for ourselves, but only resources from a server cluster. In the event of a breakdown, our virtual machine is immediately moved to another location, and the lack of access to our site takes a few minutes. This is because cloud servers are built from a very large number of powerful physical servers. That is why, in the event of a failure of one physical equipment, our virtual one runs on another physical machine. This increases redundancy by minimizing the risk of unavailability of our resources. Using cloud computing, we can very easily use snapshots or snapshots, or humanly speaking, we can take a “photo” of our data to return to them in a few seconds in case of failure. However, the most interesting option offered by cloud servers is full flexibility in resource management. With a few mouse movements, we can expand our virtual machine according to what we need. What is this about? August 17, we need 4 GB of RAM and 20 already 6? No problem, just a few mice moves and we’ve already expanded our server! And most importantly, in the case of Cloud servers, we only pay exactly for what we use. Fees are charged only for the resources we use.