What makes a good hosting service different?

windows web hosting uk

There are three basic features of good windows web hosting UK that you should pay attention to when choosing this service: security, quality, Technical assistance.

Website hosting

We use the two largest data centers located in the UK. Thanks to this, we can provide you with services at the highest level. We are always at your disposal, we constantly monitor the operation of machines and provide technical support in hosting service. 

We always install projects (websites, online stores, dedicated applications) on our servers free of charge. 

Price of annual hosting service: from PLN 100.00 net *

* – the price depends on the project and the leased space domain

We help in choosing the right domain, advice and carry out the entire reservation and purchase procedure. If you want to search for a domain by yourself, use the form below. When you find a free domain, contact us for the final verification of the availability of this domain. The purchased domain will be valid for one year, and we will make sure to remind you to renew it.

WWW server (hosting) 

Proven and reliable hosting and WWW server is the basis of every website or store, and their location in Uk guarantees the best parameters of such a service. It should be remembered that the location of the server room in the Uk is also easier and faster to contact support in the event of any questions or problems. Therefore, this issue should not be guided solely by price. It is worth choosing a reliable and reliable hosting operator from the Hillingdon grid webmail. It is difficult to talk about savings here when we buy a “cheap” service, which proves to be unavailable or emergency most of the time, and we will have to wait several days for help from the customer department! Therefore, if you are interested in professional and proven Polish grid hosting and the company Webmaz based in this city invite you to take advantage of the available offer.

We offer our clients the services of a proven and experienced Hosting Operator, which is undoubtedly the email hosting Uk Company. Servers with modern 64-bit architecture (with efficient SAS disk arrays in a minimum RAID10 configuration) are located in a professional, local server room in the Uk, in which the highest quality of connections and reliable operation of the equipment are always ensured. What’s more, the use of space on servers on Intel platforms (availability reaches up to 99.99%) is completely secure – both in terms of physical and IT, as well as thermal and energy. A daily backup of all collected data allows us and our clients to restore them at any time and is a guarantee that even in unforeseen situations, the customer will not lose any data.

We offer full, professional support and assistance in email hosting uk and server support, including its configuration, we also help with e-mail settings and popular e-mail programs. We encourage you to visit our headquarters in Kępno, where IT specialists will be happy to answer any questions.

Choose GDPR compliant hosting (GDPR) 

All the hosting services we offer fully meet the requirements of the new legal provisions of the GDPR

Grid Hosting review GDPR compliant servers

No additional hidden costs

By choosing our hosting offer you do not incur any additional costs for entry into force on June 2023. General Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals about the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC called in simplified GDPR (GDPR).

Agreement entrusting the processing of personal data

You will activate the Contract for entrusting the processing of personal data with the hosting operator in an electronic form quickly and easily. You do not incur any additional costs for concluding such an agreement (required by the GDPR).

SSL encryption for websites and e-mail

Professional hosting where you can activate a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for each of your domains or order a commercial service at an attractive price. Besides, the servers allow an encrypted SSL connection for email programs without having to buy your SSL Certificate.

100% BACKUP, i.e. a backup copy!

Every day at night a copy of all data on the server is made. Such a backup allows the Server User to restore them in many urgent cases, e.g. inadvertent deletion or damage

A tool for WEB AS server administration 

Allows complete administration of the webserver (hosting service), including all email services, databases, and applications

The main page of the Web as the panel is the control center for the entire application. Access to the main functionalities is provided by navigation located in the left sidebar. The main part of the pages is divided into several smaller parts. The top navigation bar presents the current maximum user limit, location path, and information about the current session, such as the name of the logged-in user, the selected language or the remaining time of the session. The header part presents the description of a given page, the division of content by tabs as well as filters and search engine. The main and most important part of the application contains a list of elements in the form of a table or details of the element in the form of a form. The WEBAS panel allows users to configure many settings. The panel settings allow you to customize the application’s behavior regarding the presented data, how to add and edit them. System settings allow you to choose the main domain of the server, change the password for statistics and restart the machine. The user changes the appearance of the panel through ready color themes thanks to the appearance settings.