What is hosting?

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Hosting – is a paid service that consists of leasing space and server resources for a website or e-mail. The server stores all page files and sends them when entering and going to the page from a web browser. The more popular the site is – the more resources and servers are needed for its operation.

When we enter the website address in the browser, we do not even think about the fact that a 24/7 computer works somewhere and sends pictures and texts via the Internet to us, our computer or telephone. Just such a computer with pages is called a server. A company that maintains, manages and sells web storage resources – is called a hosting company. And its main task is to maintain the website 24/7 without interruptions.

The site can be stored (hosted) without any problems on your computer at home, but it will require you to turn on the computer all the time and purchase an additional service from the home Internet provider, specifically the dedicated IP address. And unfortunately, we will have to protect ourselves with additional equipment to keep the computer online, even when the power goes out in our house.

Why do you need hosting?

Mainly hosting solves the problem of maintaining files all the time online and the ability to edit and replace files at any time. For website and server management, windows web hosting Uk companies install and provide special administrative panels with built-in functions for managing files, domains, and e-mail and website security, in the case of Hosting at Hostovita we use the cPanel panel, a short instruction available on our blog.

A shortlist of standard hosting service options:

Websites – Websites files are stored on the hosting. Through the administrative panel, the user can send and edit scripts and the appearance of the page.

E-mail – shared hosting has functions for exchanging e-mails, i.e. all e-mails, e-mail filters, contacts, etc. are stored on the grid hosting review.

Security certificates – in short, the SSL certificate for a website is a special file that installs on the website’s server, so hosting maintains the SSL file and its settings. The SSL certificate encrypts personal data transmitted from the website user to the server.

Applications – each application requires server space – hosting, storing files, user data, and media.

Types of Hosting

Most often, they buy hosting for websites, but unfortunately, each website depends on the technology (CMS system) and several visitors require various available resources. For this, there are various Hillingdon grid webmail packages and their types. They differ primarily in the available disk space, processor and technologies on which the server is based.

Shared Hosting – SSD Hosting

Shared hosting works in such a way that one server is divided into much smaller parts and made available to individual clients. There can be several hundred clients and even more websites on one server.

Such hosting can be compared with the block: Because there are separate apartments, but the heating system, gas, and parking are shared. In this case, the email hosting Uk package corresponds to the number of square meters and rooms of the apartment.

So all users use the resources of one server, and if someone starts to put a heavy load on the server, other users of the same server may have problems. To avoid such situations in Hostovita, for example, we use the Cloud Linux operating system, which can separate client accounts and pages so that one client does not use more resources than is allocated to it.

Is shared hosting (SSD hosting) the wrong choice? Not at all, this type of hosting is intended for placing small projects, such as blogs, small online stores or business cards from the portfolio.

Virtual server

In the case of virtual servers, or called VPS – the physical server is divided into several parts, which are made available as a separate virtual server to clients. There can be several dozen VPS servers on one physical server.

A good comparison to a simpler explanation will be the concept of terraced houses because the house is one, but each of the residents has its separate entrance.

VPS has no restrictions as in the case of shared hosting and anyone can configure the server for the project requirements because we provide full root access, which allows you to install any software. The virtual server is recommended to launch online stores, applications or business/company management systems. Because there are several virtual servers on one device, the load on one of them can cause a problem on others, whether such a problem occurs or not – it depends on the software used by the hosting company. In the case of Hostovit – we use KVM virtualization, which allows you to cut off one virtual server from the others and prevents the sale of more resources than it is.

Dedicated computer

This service allows you to manage the entire physical server, device, in any way. So we are the only user and owner of the purchased dedicated server. Our capabilities are only limited by server resources and characteristics.

A dedicated server can be compared with a single-family house when we have our own independent house and plot with no other neighbors on it.

The administrator of such a server has full rights to manage the operating system and disks on the server, and if necessary can buy/install selected add-ons, such as RAM or disk.

Such servers are used for larger companies that want to have independent equipment, game servers, banking or a large online store.


The cloud can be a good solution for projects where the number of clients/visitors is very different from the average and dynamically changes all the time. With this hosting solution, we only pay for resources that are needed for the normal functioning of the site at a given time. In cloud theory, it can be imagined that page files are simultaneously located on several different servers and all servers are started at the necessary time to make the page accessible to everyone.

The advantage of such a solution is that you do not have to choose a specific hosting package, and simply change the resources needed for the site at any time. However, we need to pay more for this dynamic change option than for standard SSD shared hosting.

The cloud can be used for online media, online stores or applications.

Datacenter collocation


Colocation is a service to put your servers, equipment in a data center that offers such a service. Regular collocation payments include a fee for the server’s electricity and cooling, internet access and hardware protection. As add-ons, you can buy IP addressing, backup storage space, etc. in the data center.

Such a solution may be useful for companies that want to buy and use their equipment or ready-to-rent leased servers offered on the market that does not meet the requirements of the project/application.

What’s next?

We invite you to a free test of SSD hosting or VPS servers for 14 days by  windows hosting Uk , all you need to do is provide your active phone number to which the SMS will be sent with the code to activate the service, in case of problems with SMS please contact us via the notification system in the Customer Panel.