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Do you have yellow or white spots on teeth? It is widespread to have dental problems, especially for children. The main reason for dental problems in Children is their Diet. Let us discuss all the bases in detail.


Diet plays a central role in affecting the health of your teeth. If you take a proper diet and include healthy snacks and foods like milk, yogurt, green and leafy vegetables in your meals, your teeth will remain healthy. However, this is not the case with children; children always attract unhealthy foods like candies, chocolates and other sweating products that contain harmful sugars wrestling with tooth decay, yellow coating on teeth, etc. Thus, it is necessary to keep track.

Acid Refluxes:-

It is essential to acknowledge the pros and cons of what you eat. Eating unhealthy affects your health in a big way. Eating some complex foods may cause Acid reflux. And very few people know that acid reflux breaks down the tooth enamel, causing tooth decay. As a result, your teeth become sensitive to hot foods and cold drinks.

Decaying and Discoloration:-

As you are all aware of fact that too much of anything is harmful. Fluoride makes a protective layer around your teeth and protects them from decay. However, if the number of fluoride increases, it may cause teeth to deteriorate and discoloration. Thus, it is advisable to keep the children away from drinks containing fluorides.

Having Less Enamel and Celiac Disease:-

This is another thing that can harm your teeth. Due to nutritional deficiency, the enamel of the teeth becomes thin and less effective. This results in the condition known as Enamel Hypoplasia.

Also, it results in another condition known as Celiac disease, which weakens the immune system and the body struggles in swallowing food.

How to treat white spots on teeth?

Either it’s white or yellow spots, it looks unattractive every time you smile. It can also repel other people, and you may lose your charm eventually. Here are some remedies to treat white spots:-

  1. Removal of the enamel’s layer from the tooth with the help of mild abrasion. It helps to improve the health of the teeth, and teeth retain their beauty again.
  2. You can also take the help of a tooth-whitening process known as Bleaching. Its effects are immediate on the teeth. However, it is not recommended to people with overuse of fluorides. An important thing to note here is that it should be done under the supervision of a professional or a doctor.
  3. As we all are aware of the term that Prevention is better than cure. Thus, we need to take care of our teeth regularly. We should drink plenty of water, avoid sugary substances, brush and floss regularly. This will help you better in taking care of your teeth and avoiding any spots.

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Some essential tips for treating the White spots:-

  • Sometimes, White Spots on the teeth occur due to the braces. When braces are removed after a long time, it leaves white spots on the teeth. However, there is no need to worry as it can be treated by making changes in oral habits. Thus, it is advised to use Good quality toothbrush. Brushing the teeth is as important as taking care of your body.
  • To take care of your body, it is advised to shower daily. In the same way, one should brush their teeth daily. Also, if you do regular flossing, it is like the cherry on the cake. Brushing and flossing your teeth daily may help you treat the white spots with time.
  • Moreover, it is advised to chew Xylitol Gum as it can help improve oral health. It is helpful to keep your teeth away from tooth decay and plaque and helps reduce minor white spots on the teeth. Thus, it is recommended by dentists to use Xylitol to improve dental health. You may chew gum 3-5 times a day.
  • Unbalanced Diet and deficiency of Vitamins and Minerals are also the reason for White spots on the teeth. Therefore, using good toothpaste may help in restoring dental health. It should be noted that fluoride-containing toothpaste can worsen the condition of your health. It may turn the white spots into brown spots. However, the use of good toothpaste containing Nano hydroxyapatite can help revive the dental health of your teeth. When your teeth get the minerals it needs, you will be able to smile more and more.
  • Now, the question arises, if all the remedies mentioned above don’t work? What should we do next? What are the other alternatives? Let me answer that for you. When nothing works, it is better to take the advice of the experts.
  • A dental checkup from time to time may help treat the white spots on the teeth. Dentists use resin to fill the white spots on the teeth. This cosmetic procedure may help improve dental health and make your teeth look beautiful.
  • Dental health can be improved with regular dentist appointments. You can visit your dentist once every three months. Though taking the help of the dentist can be costly, the results are excellent and worth it.
  • Another way of treating white spots is to avoid eating sugar and other oily foods. Consuming drinks containing added sugar is also harmful to teeth. It may result in tooth decay and the formation of white spots on the teeth. If these spots are left untreated for a long time, they can worsen the condition. So keep a count.

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In the end, I would say it is essential to take care of your body as well as your teeth. As the saying goes, “Treat your body like a temple, not a woodshed”. And teeth are the parts of our body.

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