Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes for Promoting Festive Sales and Offers

The festive season is around the corner and just like every other business; cosmetic brands have to offer flash sales, deals, bundle gift sets and more to the shoppers. Festive products ought to be packaged and promoted in specially designed boxes to make them enticing for potential customers.

If you have amazing discount offers on matte lipstick sets, eye shadow pallets, highlighters, primers, and more products, pitch them in boxes with promo offers mentioned on removable stickers. This will make these items worth noticing for the buyers who are exploring thoughtful gifts within a budget. For introducing your festive makeup range, personalized packaging is vital; you need to describe the highlights of new cosmetics that are Christmas and New Year’s essentials.

Cosmetic box packaging for the custom gift sets that you have bundled up for “Him” and “Her” also need to be designed distinctively. You can have a small gift and greeting cards printed to be attached at the top of the festive product boxes to give a genial gesture to the buyers.

Here are some useful tips from The Legacy Printing that’ll help you with customized packaging for festive cosmetics!

Packaging Design should have Relevant Theme

Christmas themed packaging for makeup and skincare items can make them worth checking out for the shoppers. You can use the conventional red and green backdrop with jingle bells and other symbols to add the festive appeal to packaging. For sets and bundled up items, have gift boxes customized with entrancing artwork. You can have ribbons and paper flowers attached to the boxes for body butter combo, makeup gift items, and fragrance sets. Cosmetic packaging box design for various cosmetics should have a relevant Christmas theme with slight tweaks to offer a variety of gift and packaging box options to customers.

Boxes should Stir Excitement and Fun

Packaging for festive makeup items should stir excitement and fun. The boxes can be customized with text details that make them worth keeping for the shoppers. You can have warm greeting messages and thoughtful one or two lines printed on packaging that bring smiles on the faces of customers. Cosmetic box packaging for products intended for the holiday season should be made interesting and engaging for the buyers. You can involve your creative team to come up with an inspiring idea. Make sure that the text you choose for various packaging boxes is relevant to your brand and products.

Packaging Boxes should be Easy to Carry and Handle

If you want customers to keep the festive packaging for cosmetics as a memento of your brand; make sure to choose the box style, stock and customizations warily. You should discuss with the printer about the gift box and other packaging requirements you have, explore the printing material options; have a look at the commonly used box styles and finishing options. Packaging for various makeup and skincare items should be user-friendly, lightweight and hassle-free to handle.

Custom Cosmetic Boxes with Handles and Lids

Handle and lid boxes are the trendy packaging styles for festive cosmetics. If you have any other die-cut shape idea, the probability can be shared with the printer. Star and similar shapes are used for packaging lip balms and other products.  Do a bit of market research to get familiar with the popular packaging ideas of this year; you can then work on refining yours accordingly.