Queries concerning Skin Glue after having Circumcision Surgery

Surgeons use various methods to close the various wounds; whether they are because of any injury or surgical procedure. At home also you can use different aversive tapes to cover the minor cuts. But the surgeons use sutures or stitches and staples to sew up the incisions and wounds. But a new type of sewing tool that is introduced is the skin glue.

Queries Concerning the Skin Glue

As it is the latest and different adhesive that surgeons are using for medical treatments and especially for Circumcision Surgery; so it has created a hot debate concerning the safe use of it? Many researchers are of the view that this is not effective for the surgery but others think that it is the best option for various reasons. But you can ask the surgeon the following queries to elude any confusion.

What is basically skin glue?

The skin glue is called by many names mainly are dermal, tissue adhesive or liquid stitches. It is made from an elastic protein that can be injected into an organ or applied on the wound to quickly heal it. Although the skin glue is expensive than the normal stitches, other benefits overshadow this aspect.

When the skin glue should not be used?

There are many occasions when surgical equipment gives more harm than advantage. The skin glue also has to be avoided in many instances.

  1. If the wound is uneven or irregular.
  2. The cut is rooted deep.
  3. The cut is bleeding.
  4. The wound has an infection.
  5. Never use on animals bites.
  6. There is a hole in the skin.
  7. If the cut is an ulcer.

Are there any benefits?

The benefits of skin glue on the circumcision surgery are more advantageous than other types of stitches and staples. Be careful to use it on small wounds and get the following benefits.

  1. Infection is less.
  2. You spend less time in the operation theatre.
  3. Scars are very few.
  4. Needless stitch-up.
  5. Recovery time is shorter.

How it is applied after the Circumcision Surgery?

There are simple steps to apply the skin glue perfectly on the circumcised penis.

  1. After the foreskin of the penis is removed; the penis must be cleaned thoroughly.
  2. Hold the penis upward and set the skin on the penis.
  3. If there is bleeding then you can top it with gauze.
  4. There are different gadgets to apply the glue.
  5. Apply the glue and hold the penis until the skin glue is dried.

Is there a set time for the glue?

Various skin glue types have different time for it to set. It can take approximately 10 to 15 minutes for the glue to set properly. It may take longer as well depending on the wound type and the organ it has been applied. You can ask about it from any surgeon of a clinic like Circumcision Center.

Can it be used for revision surgery as well?

There are many times when the first circumcision surgery doesn’t go well. There can be prominent scars in the penis that can look ugly or the skin can be cut unevenly. Revision circumcision surgery is necessary and the skin glue is the most favorite choice of surgeons because it can hide the previous blisters well.

What care has to be taken after the application?

Like all other stitches and staples that are used for sewing up the wounds and incisions; the skin glue also needs to be taken care of after application on the penis.

  1. Never touch the glued penis for at least 3 to 5 days.
  2. Make sure that the penis is always dry during the initial 3 days.
  3. This means that taking a shower is prohibited for 10 days.
  4. If it is necessary to take a shower; then cover up the penis firmly to avoid contact with water.
  5. If the penis gets wet; immediately dry it by patting and not

What is the time period of application of skin glue?

This is not like typical glue that remains on the object it is applied to. This glue comes off for the penis when the wound is totally healed. This takes a standard time of 5 to 10 days. This is the reason why the surgeon recommends no use of water or these days.

Which things are harmful to the restoration process?

Alongside taking regular care of the circumcised penis the glued skin should also be tended to.

  1. Avoid scratching or picking on the penis.
  2. Never ever peel the glue before the recommended healing time.
  3. Don’t let the penis become wet.
  4. No medication or other ointments must be applied when the skin glue is being used.

When to visit the Surgeon?

If the penis after circumcision surgery is well taken care of; then you don’t have to visit the surgeon except for the regular appointments. But at times when complications occur then it becomes inevitable to avoid the emergency visit to the doctor.