Commercial cooking refers to an operation or business that prepares food for the purpose of public consumption. Commercial cooking is mostly applicable in fast food restaurants that require quick service for dishes such as burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, and short order restaurants where table service is not required but the kitchen and dining rooms are designed for cooking and quick service. Here commercial cooking equipment are used. Commercial cooking equipment are used in restaurants that lay more emphasis on dining experience and ambience and also to cater to food services in schools and hospitals, which see extensive usage of cooking equipment such as ovens, deep fryers etc.

Key Drivers of the Commercial Cooking Equipment Market

The market for commercial cooking equipment has expanded by a large extent due to the increasing demand from the hospitality sector. Surge in growth of the restaurant industry is seen with changing guest preferences and improved technology. These places have high usage of cooking equipment such as ovens and fryers that has propelled the growth of the commercial cooking equipment market. Introduction of new technologies such as virtual reality onboarding and automated purchasing tools have resulted in the growth of the restaurant industry, which in turn has pushed the demand for commercial cooking equipment.

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Smart appliances such as combination ovens and rapid cook ovens creating opportunities in the commercial cooking equipment market

Smart appliances have changed the face of commercial cooking equipment. From fryers that change their own oil to automated shutdown and startup times for ovens and cooktops, smart commercial kitchen equipment saves energy. Combination ovens offer a choice to cook with either steam or convection, and in some cases, a combination of both. These ovens offer the ability to maintain moisture levels and cooking times more precisely that helps restaurants to customize menu options and produce food faster. The benefits of rapid cook oven is that it can capture grease, smoke, and steam. Such factors creates new opportunities for the commercial cooking equipment market.

Restriction in the design & construction of commercial kitchens may act as restraints for the market

State and local governments have their own sets of requirements for commercial kitchens with regards to the design and building processes, as they may be different than those at the federal level. For example, New York and New Jersey share the requirement that food must be stored at least six inches above the floor; they differ in that New York requires dry storage areas to maintain a lighting intensity of 215 Lux, whereas New Jersey only requires 110 Lux. Such limitations can hamper the growth of the commercial cooking equipment market.

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Asia Pacific the dominant market

China, India, and Japan are the dominant markets for commercial cooking equipment. Rising use of commercial cooking equipment in the restaurant and hotel industry is likely to drive the demand in Japan and China, creating new ways to increase demand in such countries.

Key Players Operating in the Global Market

Companies are working on product innovation and development to increase their customer base. Furthermore, key companies are adopting the merger and acquisition strategy to improve their market revenue at the global level. Some of the major companies identified in the commercial cooking equipment market are:

  • Alto-Shaam, Inc.
  • Bonnet International
  • Duke Manufacturing
  • G.S. Blodgett Corporation
  • Garland Group
  • Illinois Tool Works Inc.
  • The Middleby Corporation

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