Breaking Down Team Liquid’s new ADC: “Tactical” Ahead Of Summer Spring Split 2023

Breaking Down Team Liquid's new ADC:


Team Liquid does not need to worry about the new ADC. Liquid CEO Steve Arhancet announced today that the team is succeeding Tactical to replace Doublelift, which has left TSM.

Tactics will be his first shot in a full-time LCS game. When the legendary ADC was sitting on the bench due to poor performance and lack of motivation, he came off the bench for three games on Doublelift. This allowed the organization to taste the impression that this 19-year-old prospect might bring to a squad of prolific names, including Impact, Broxah, Jensen, and CoreJJ. However, due to Doublelift’s many achievements during his work at Liquid, the shoes he will fill are very large.

Doublelift helped Liquid win his first LCS title, which was his first in four consecutive games. He was also named the LCS MVP for the 2018 Summer Games, the MVP for the LCS Finals in the Spring of 2019 and the First-Team All-Pro with three consecutive championships (Summer 2018, Spring 2019 and Summer 2019).

Despite this, Doublelift’s competition declined in the 2023 Spring Split. He also solved many problems, which eventually led to a large number of ADCs withdrawing from Liquid.

TL cannot expect Tactical to quickly replicate the level of play Doublelift brings to the team. However, there are some reasons why the move is meaningful and why fans should hold their breath.

Tactical performed well in the short LCS game with CoreJJ, showing the synergy between the two and the confrontation with strong competitors such as Cody Sun and Kobbe. In those three games, Tactical’s record was 5.5 KDA, which put him fourth in the LCS ADC and remained undefeated in two consecutive victories.

His first game and LCS ‘first victory was against TSM, as opposed to Kobbe and Biofrost. In the 15th minute, Tactical achieved a lead of nearly 800 gold medals. The tactical team work very well and can bypass the goal. During the spring season, Liquid encountered trouble in many games.

In the confrontation with 100 thieves, Tactical and CoreJJ were killed earlier in a 2 to 2 contest and secured the robot tower at the 12-minute mark. The game showed that young prospects are not afraid to win.

In the last game of the group stage, he saw CLG focus on the action and roamed all the way to the robot channel, not allowing Tactical to move on. But Tactical was able to get the first drop of blood in a bad dive in a tower, only 6 CS behind Oh “Wind” Myeong-jin, who played for Tieks.

For the sake of familiarity, it is easy to choose if you have joined the team and faced the home team. When you add a way how the coronavirus pandemic continues to maintain travel restrictions, it may be the safest option for enough practice time and establishing a chemical reaction with other promoters before the summer split.

Tactical has also been working with CoreJJ on a large number of duo queues, which should help establish a synergy between the two-this can’t be ignored when analyzing rovers versus duos.

Although Tactical is not the best ADC in the region, he is still very young and can grow into a team through Team Liquid’s infrastructure. All we have to do is wait for the rookie to grow, maybe he is the next Doublelift.