Brasa Gang the new Italian scene

Brasa Gang is the group of artists that came out this year, artists who made everyone discuss and moved the listeners of Italian rap, their members are Salvatore Lo Cicero in art “Mesca”, Andrea Bentivegna in art “Jameflow”, Antonino Catanzaro in art “Tony Zarr” and Vincenzo Sabella in art “Young Woshy”.

Their career in the last year has had a surprising turn, totaling very high numbers on Youtube, they have managed to make themselves known throughout Italy, they are appreciated for their attitude and their way of making uncommon music in a scene where all the artists seem equal , have been active since 2015 and over the years have published numerous projects increasing their fan base more and more, the lyrics are complex and well structured the sounds have nothing to envy to American or French rap and their image is well recognizable. They founded a recording studio in 2019 having the opportunity to record and work on a large number of songs.

Their first album is in production even if we don’t know much about it we expect a very high quality work, the last song published instead called “part of the journey” has been available for about a month and has already achieved excellent results on Spotify, their goal is mainly to bring the reality of rap to Sicily and of course to be known more and more and we must say that they are succeeding, they do not have a major and they work independently but this does not compromise their career which we hope is long-lived, there we highly recommend listening to their upcoming songs and keeping an eye on this team because like many other listeners we consider them really artists valid.