Learn the Top Temple Run 2 Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Playing Like Pro

Learn the Top Temple Run 2 Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Playing Like Pro


Temple Run is a popular mobile game with beautiful mirrors, and the building is full of twists and turns. Its Temple Run 2 sequence has already improved significantly. 3D graphics, sounds and textures appear very natural. I am a fan of Temple Run 2 and want to guide people who are willing to understand the game. So, let’s take a look at Temple Run online games tips and tricks and advanced gaming techniques.

Temple Run 2 Tips and Tricks

  • As a player in this game, our goal is to stay as long as possible. And we have the opportunity to raise money and be rich. But I recommend that you do not focus on the coins. This habit can kill you in a few minutes.
  • To stay longer in the race, try to focus on the distance involved.
  • Close as much as possible at once.
  • Never leave green gems as they can be used to awaken your character.
  • Keep your eyes open for future obstacles and be prepared.
  • If you get enough of the game, the obstacles become more dangerous and faster. Therefore, to avoid them, try to focus on the obstacles and be prepared. Also, look for obstacles that are too far away for you.
  • Try to learn to jump and turn left and right at the same time. Also, read the same thing as you slide.
  • Basically, green values ​​and other peaks are placed behind the barrier. So, to collect them, you have to turn around while jumping and sliding.
  • Never collect coins at a crossroads.
  • When you get enough coins to choose skills, always buy “Money Money.” When you earn a lot of money, you can choose more skills. So at least reach level 3 in Value Coin and consider buying some skills.

Temple Run 2 Power-Ups and Avatars

The default character or avatar in Temple Run 2 is Guy Dangerous. However, over time, after gaining great success with coins, one can go to new avatars. You can select a different avatar from the game menu.

Every avatar has great power and unique ability. You have to turn on these characters to feel a different power. And once these characters are present, their power can be used with any avatar. Therefore, you can select a specific powerup for any avatar.

Temple Run 2 Avatars and their powers

  • Dangerous Man: Different Strengths: Can Build a Shield strong enough to protect you from images.
  • Scarlett Fox: Different Strengths: Improve Speed.
  • Barry Bones: Unique Strengths: Financial Bonus.
  • Karma Lee: Different Strengths: School Bonus.
  • That’s all. I hope this article will help you get to know Temple Run 2.

Final Thoughts

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