Kitchen Appliance Hacks that let your work be easier

Lives have got busier than ever. Everybody seems in hurry and pressed under the burden of many tasks. Especially if we talk about working women who have to work in their kitchen to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner and at the same time they have to manage other tasks related to their job and family.  In such circumstances they are must in a need to get kitchen appliances that help in their tasks to get finished in less time and easily.

In this very article, we shall help you in finding the best kitchen appliance hacks via Trendlor.

Appliances by Trendlor:

Trendlor is offering about ten different kitchen appliances hacks that are surprisingly helpful in the accomplishment of your daily tasks. If you also have to work in the kitchen and you want your job to get done in less than half the time then this article is going to be really helpful. Let’s have a look at these hacks by Trendlor which will change the game in your kitchen.

1. Toaster for Grilled Cheese:

If you love to make and eat grilled cheese Trendlor have an amazing hack for you to make it in your toaster.

  • Gently tip your toaster onto its side to turn it into an oven
  • Pop a few bread slices with cheese on their top
  • Close the liver of your toaster and standby for sometime
  • Don’t wait for the slices to pop up
  • Unplug the outlet and get cheese slices out of the toaster when feel that they are well grilled

2. Ice Cube Tray for Ice-Cream:

Ice cream is the most loved dessert among children as well as adults. And your summer enjoyment is incomplete without ice cream. So to add to your summer joy, Trendlor has a tip for you to use an ice cube tray for ice cream in the following way:

  • When you are done with your ice cream mixture, pour the base in the ice cube tray
  • Immediately put the tray in the freezer
  • Let the ice cream freeze for some time
  • Then pop out those ice cream cubes in a blender & enjoy your yummy ice cream

3. Dishwasher for cooking salmon:

Are you fond of having salmon or lobsters in lunch or dinner? And do you want to cook them in an easy way with your dishwasher? Then go and follow these steps by Trendlor to make delicious salmon in your dishwasher:

  • Take out a salmon piece from your refrigerator
  • Marinate it with a mixture of lemon, butter, spices and oil and tightly wrap in a foil
  • Place it on the top rack of the dishwasher and start the cycle

4.  Coffee Grinder for Spices:

You can use your coffee blender to grind your spices. This hack by Trendlor will definitely gonna make your tasks easier!


5. Mixer Bowl for Meat shredding:

You can now easily shred up meat in a mixer bowl by cooking the meat and them spinning it in the mixer bowl for a few minutes. It will be ready to add in the soup making your work quick and easy!

List of other Kitchen Appliance Hacks by Trendlor:

  • Soda stream use for sparkling wine
  • Crisp Hash Browns by using Waffle Maker
  • Crush up the toppings with Pepper Grinder
  • Popcorn machine for Toasting Herbs
  • Make Tempura Floor in coffee Grinder