Tabaz Noori was born in Kabul, Afghanistan on March 10th, 1992. At the age of 1, his parents and sister fled to Pakistan for safety due to the chaos and violence in Afghanistan. After a couple of months, his parents and sister migrated to the United States. In 1994, his family landed in Canada as immigrants hoping for a better future. Not fond of school at an early age, Tabaz went onto complete public school at Grenoble PS, graduate middle school at Valley Park MS and high school at Woburn CI. Tabaz was truly honored in the summer of 2017 after receiving a diploma from Centennial College for Film & Broadcasting and a bachelor of arts degree from Ryerson University for Film & Media Production.

Tabaz Noori is currently a Canadian businessman and philanthropist living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with his family. He is the founder and co-owner of Noori Productions. He is the brains behind the operation: cinematographer, colorist, editor, director, multimedia manager, photographer, producer, promoter, publicist and record label manager at Noori Productions. Noori Productions is a multimedia production company and record label found back in 2008. Noori Productions had not become a legitimate certified record label until 2012 nor a legitimate registered multimedia production company until 2013. After the opening of a land-based studio in 2010, the uprise to stardom began for both, Tabaz Noori and Noori Productions.

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Tabaz Noori is also an Afghan artist, musician, actor, model and social media mogul. Tabaz became one of the most commented, followed, searched, shared and viewed Afghans of our time. Noori Productions became the #1 “Middle Eastern” production company in Canada and the #1 “Afghan” production company in Afghanistan. Upon this success, Tabaz went onto creating and producing three back-to-back music videos: “Ya Mustafa” (2010), “Allah E Jahan,” (2014) and “Madina” (2016). He went onto announce his first-ever feature documentary film titled “The Tabaz Noori Revolution” in-production as of 2013. Tabaz and his team finally released the long awaited and anticipated documentary feature film “The Tabaz Noori Revolution” in the spring of 2015. The film went onto break records domestically and internationally.

Tabaz Noori is expected to launch his clothing and merchandise line for NP & WMG, release his self-written novel “The Social Evolution,” his fourth music video “Dunya,” and host a charity, gala and red carpet ceremony for the “10th Anniversary of Noori Productions” in 2018.