A quick guide to B. Sc agriculture – Scope and career opportunities

The agriculture sector is becoming increasingly modern, scientific and technology-oriented, with the time rolling into the future. This has led to more and more students aspiring to land job roles dealing with the food production and management systems. Take a look into the following set of scope in the agricultural sector that is rich in professional opportunity.

  • Agriculture Officer

    An agricultural officer’s primary focus is to create awareness of organic farming. They are accountable for supervising respective farmers of concerned projects. These professionals implement the internal regulations for organic production and oversee crops harvest from time to time.

  • Plantation Manager

    Plantation managers are in charge of managing all agricultural aspects, from nurseries and development to harvesting and its maintenance. Besides the regular tasks, plantation managers also take into concentration budget and cost control.

  • Field Officer

    Agricultural field officers are mainly responsible for lending and disbursing agriculture loans. These professionals are experts at expanding, distributing and promoting loan products in rural areas. They work generating leads by liaising with farmers and potential customers in related sectors.

  • Farm Manager

    Farm managers ensure the smooth running of an agricultural farm or estate by overseeing a variety of operations and making sound business decisions. Additionally, they are also required to implement strategies for maximum yield, as well as manage any associated businesses and staff.

  • Research Officer

    Agricultural research officers invest their crucial time in designing, creating and maintaining product specifications for agri products. They also engage in gathering relevant documentation to understand the scope and outcome of individual research projects.

  • Operations Manager

    Operations manager of this industry is typically hired by agricultural farms, nurseries, greenhouses, and large agricultural production sites. They oversee all aspects of running farms, including planning, monitoring, as well as engaging in the planting, fertilization and crop harvesting processes.

  • Business Development Manager

    Business development managers related to agricultural practices are required to report to the agriculture leader. They must possess a deep passion for the agriculture industry and proficient technical knowledge of business marketing and project management skills.

  • Agriculture Loan Officer 

    Loan officers in the field of agriculture carry out tasks such as evaluating, authorizing and recommend approval of loan applications for farmers and agricultural industries. Professionals are required to be certified to analysing the finances of individuals who are applying for credit.

  • Seed Technologist

    These experts are an essential part of the agricultural marketplace, where they mostly delve into research proceedings, production and marketing of varied seeds.

Choose to explore the lucrative career opportunities with B. Sc agriculture and secure your future with the top markets in agriculture.