Better holiday on the sports calendar than Memorial Day


Indeed. Some sports believe in the same, however, most of the sports we know are still on pause due to coronavirus pandemic. It has been more than 75 days now without sports. Memorial Day & sports go hand in hand as per the planned frequency of events. A typical day with a variety of sports can make the best holiday on the sports calendar.

We can certainly gauge the normalcy in auto racing Sunday with the running of NASCAR’s Coca Cola 600. MLB would also be reaching the end of the first third of the regular season. The standing on Memorial Day are truly related to the old days to how they would eventually look. Looking at the previous year’s Memorial Day, four division winners named the Yankees, Twins, Astros and Dodgers were in the first place. This is quite interesting to encourage sports & events in order to make them globalized. The NBA playoffs would also be executing the same activity by crowning the champions. Talking about NHL’s Stanley Cup Final, it began last year, 2019 on Memorial Day with the spectacular championship of St. Louis & Boston Bruins.

At last, The French open would be started this week in Paris. It would be interesting to watch Rafel Nadal & Roland Garros who take the domination & lead. We can’t forget about Serena Williams who would finally win her 24th Grand slam singles title.

You can find out more buzz on NHL classic & NBA classic and celebrate the Memorial Day in classic style. The Day remarks & honors its best for the warriors in a unique way. The legacy of Memorial Day continues since 1935 & still maintaining a huge platform with the help of sports.

Reported by sportsaldente