How to generate real estate leads online

With these simple tricks you will be able to generate important business opportunities for your real estate company. Are you going to let them pass?

Those who work in the real estate market will always have to worry about generating real estate leads and thus attracting new clients. The problem is that the strategies are not always too clear for those who do not have a deep understanding of marketing.

If this is your case, don’t worry! Below we show you 7 practical ways to get more leads for your real estate agency, is everyone prepared?

  1. Lead Capture Ways: Leverage Your Real Estate Agent Website

The digital transition for search engines and home sellers looking for the right representation is real. Half a century ago, 40% of homebuyers started their home search with newspapers. Today, 55% of shoppers start their search online.

Assuming you routinely update your real estate website with fresh, unique, SEO-optimized educational content that delivers relevant information, in the local marketplace your audience searches often, it can become one of your best (if not the best) of lead generation resources for your business. Once you get people to your site, it’s important to give them ample options to provide their contact information, either by placing valuable content on doors or by using a form to contact you.

  1. Practice blogging to generate sales real estate prospects

The interest of the real estate blog in the context of a prospect acquisition strategy is not new. We have talked about this many times.

But it’s worth remembering here how important content marketing is to your business in the web.

The publication of content (of quality, of course) allows you to impose your expertise within a given geographical area, thanks to the benefits of local referencing. By working on localized keywords, you can reach Internet users located within a limited radius around your agency, while opening the field to prospects from further afield (who, too, will have found your content via local queries).

These contents establish your notoriety and your authority. They help you reach your future customers where they are: on the web. They generate real estate leads in continuous flow, with high growth prospects: the more your reputation extends, the more it attracts contacts, the more these contribute to developing it, etc.

  1. Launch a newsletter for your prospects

You have to differentiate between attracting visitors to your website or your agency, and generating sales real estate prospects. This second operation is much more complex than the first, since it is not only a question of acquiring traffic: it is also necessary to ensure that this traffic remains on your site / in contact with your company, and that it generates potential future customers.

To do this, you will need to start somewhere. Emailing is a great place to start. And more particularly the newsletter. By sending a personalized message to your prospect at regular intervals (every month, for example), you provide him with the information he needs to define the contours of his project and choose from the services offered. The idea is to provide information little by little, through relevant content: first, generalist blog articles.

Thus, you will generate sales real estate prospects, that is to say create a base of “green” leads (not yet mature to sign a mandate) which will deserve to be followed. The subscription to the newsletter will serve to capture the attention of visitors to your website upstream, from their first visit, and will encourage them to leave the basic data allowing to set up a support (name and surname, email address). Then it’s up to you to play through your CRM!

  1. Advertise on real estate sales sites

There are several sites where real estate is sold. Having a certain reputation in the market, these portals are the first ones that people turn to when looking for a house or premises.

It is worth spending a portion of your marketing budget to invest in ads on these types of channels. But before you decide, consider the number of visits they have per month.

  1. Create social accounts (and rely on the features offered by social ads)

We cannot stress enough how crucial it is to surf the social media movement today, when we aim to generate sales real estate prospects. Social media lead acquisition is deeply transforming the e-commerce landscape, and real estate is certainly no exception. So, of course, you can’t put all your eggs in one basket and rely only on Facebook and Twitter to generate traffic and enter money orders. But this additional marketing is not negligible.

This is especially true of social advertising. These offer relevant and effective possibilities in web marketing. One example: Facebook sponsored links. Their strength lies in the options for targeting prospects: by socio-professional category, by age group, by geographic area, by family status, etc.

The advantage of these social advertisements, in addition to generating sales real estate prospects, is therefore to allow you to glean a lot of data about these prospects. Because internet users are also more likely to communicate personal information to you through social networks.

However, these ads alone will not be enough. It’s up to you to make the most of the most interesting features offered by these networks, such as Live Video or local groups on Facebook, Stories on Instagram, or SEO on YouTube.

  1. Offer digital baits

Digital bait is the name given to the technique through which people exchange information for something valuable to them. You can write an e-book offering advice on how to choose the best property in your region, to give an example, or what we have to consider before buying a house, to say the other.

To download this content on a landing page, users will have to fill out a form and provide certain information such as e-mail or telephone. With this information, you can take advantage to get in touch immediately or start a nutrition strategy, using a good e-mail marketing tool.

  1. Social Proof: Share satisfaction comments and customer testimonials.

You must submit comments and the testimonials of your satisfied clients leave for your agency. Video is the ideal format for your social proof, but it’s certainly not the only one you use to efficiently display your happiest customers. From a dedicated review page on their testimonial-sharing agent website on major real estate platforms (Zillow,, and the like), there are plenty of ways to get the positive buzz about your brand out front. People can be transformed into seller and buyer cables.

Do you want to generate real estate leads for your real estate business and have much more positive results for your business? So, follow all these tips to the letter! We are sure that you will achieve your goals.