Betta Fish Care

Proper betta fish care does a lot of good for your fish when done the right way. Betta fish are perfect in character and come in a range of colors. They can live in smaller tanks and can be fairly fit as long as the climate conditions are good.

Some of the misconceptions about betta fish are there because this is the first time any of us have kept a pet fish, we lack the knowledge and experience to succeed. So, here we have listed some of the best betta fish care techniques that will help you to take care of your betta fishes in the best way.

Betta Fish Tank Size

For a betta fish, the total capacity is 5 gallons. The specific size of the tank is not necessary, so you can even have a 10-gallon tank. Keep in mind that the tank should not be too deep.

It would be best if you chose a regular square tank over a bowl, too. Bowls’ rounded sides with small openings on the top are the main reasons that will limit the filter options. It’s important to have a good filtration system in their habitat as the betta fishes are sensitive to different infections.

Betta Fish Care Temperature requirements of tank:

Betta is also very sensitive to temperature, so the aquarium heaters must be installed, they are necessary for betta fish Care.The betta fish highly prefers even higher temperatures such as 78-82 ° F as compared to any other tropical fish.

Betta Fish Meal:

Betta fish belong to the class carnivores. Those who survive to live by eating larvae as well as insects, so you will have to feed them with a portion of fish food that is full of protein.

Betta fish could be fed using specially prepared flakes, frozen meals, or pellets. These food products will also have the protein level that is also suitable to their needs.

Betta Fish Nature:

Although the betta fish might just be called the “siamese fighting fish,” they are not as mean as the reputation would suggest.The names results from highly territorial male bettas who attack each other at very first sight. It has also been known that male bettas strike their reflection in a mirror.

This fish should not be kept with another betta of both genders; bettas are also just too grumpy with one another.But while bettas are generally very cooperative with other animals.

Having a Betta Fish is worth the experience:

Betta fishes are charming and attractive. There are several good reasons to buy one as a pet.They need the same equipment as well as care as other breeds. They are not substitutes for low maintenance.The only good reason to get a betta is that they are so beautiful and attractive; you can feel yourself falling in love with them.