At the end of last week we proposed a debate about what equipment to buy for our first SLR , considering various options between lenses and flashes. Today, we offer you this guide of 14 models of Canon SLR photographic lenses in which we can find the benefits and prices of some of the essential lenses from wide-angle to telephoto lenses. you can read more in depth review on Sylvia Juncosa Best Product Review Site.

The importance of a good goal

As we already mentioned in the entry of lenses and flashes, the importance of having a good lens (whether you have a flash or not) is vital to get good pictures without errors associated with poor equipment quality such as different distortions and aberrations.
The intent of a lens is to trap as many of the reflected photons on a surface, which is why the performance and quality of glassware is so important. Anti-reflective coatings, lenses that prevent distortions and low dispersion elements that avoid chromatic aberrations are small details that together make an image as technically perfect as possible. We take care of the creative factor. Let’s start with the comparison, from more angular to more TV.

  1. Canon 17-55mm ƒ / 2.8 IS USM

Faced with the competition of Tamron, we find in its same focal length range this optical wonder . The Canon 17-55mm is a real beast for its good build, superior image quality, and built-in features like Canon’s Image Stabilizer and Ultrasonic Focus .

These two features are sometimes missed in the Tamron model in order to speed up the shutter speed using the stabilizer and sometimes the focus does not work as fast as it could nor is it as quiet as the Canon.

My recommendation is that if you can find it second hand at a good price, don’t even think about it, because it is an impressive objective, although personally for the money it costs I would opt for the Canon 24-105, which we found a little further down these lines.

  1. Samyang 8mm f / 3.5 UMC CS II

A classic among the ‘fish eyes’. The Samyang 8mm is a highly recommended model for its good construction and image quality , which together with those 180 degrees of viewing angle makes it the best lens for video or action photography and sports.

Personally, I would rule out the use of wide-angle adapters for our lenses if we want to record quality videos, which do not even come close to the good quality of a dedicated lens.

  1. Tamron 17-50mm ƒ / 2.8 XR Di II LD ASL

Taking the kit lens as a reference, what better than a high quality 17-50mm focal length to take over from the paperweight ? Tamron offers in this compact lens excellent brightness and very interesting optical performance for its price range. We can also opt for a few more euros to buy it with a stabilizer.

Its good quality resides in all the string of acronyms that we can see in its name. These indicate that the lens construction integrates XR ( extra refractive ) elements that prevent geometric distortions and LD ( low dispersion ) elements that prevent chromatic aberrations.

Its good price usually convinces the client that they are looking for a focal length lens similar to that of the kit but with a much higher optical quality and luminosity , making it an ideal lens as the first lens.