Best Smartwatches Compatible with iPhone

Smartwatches are the perfect operation gadgets for people who don’t want to keep on removing their phones to answer calls, or check notifications. The smartwatches are crafted with various apps and features that allow one to sync with smartphones for smooth operation. In this regard, some authentic companies in smartwatches reviews like She Worn are playing the critical role in guiding the users. Let’s go for watches that are compatible with the iPhone.

Best Alternative Smartwatches Compatible with iPhone

Here are the top best smartwatches compatible with iPhones.

1. Apple Watch Series 5

The classic combo design of the silver and black sport band on this watch makes it look great on everyone. The watch is convenient as it has multiple apps, including fitness, music, and call integration, among others. The screen is made of the retina, and it is relatively larger than in other models to ensure you have a good view at all times.

For fitness enthusiasts, this watch displays all the workout results ranging from a distance covered; the calories burnt the heart rate and even the BMI. You can sync it with your iPhone and use this smartwatch to pick calls instead of the phone. The other great apps on this apple smartwatch are the cycle tracking mode which enables one to track their menstrual cycle.

Special Features

The smartwatch has noise alert mode when the volume goes too high

It helps to track the heart rate throughout the day

You can use the watch to receive calls instead of using the phone

The watch features GPS for mapping purposes

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Stainless Steel 45mm Bluetooth Smart Watch

This is a must-have watch since it has reliable design and features that are convenient for multiple activities. The watch has heavy-duty material construction of stainless steel and PU leather for durability purpose while on outdoors. The watch is light in weight for comfort if you wear it for a whole day. The watch is compatible with iOS smartphones so you can sync and use it to receive notifications.

You can receive calls using the watch, calendar notifications, social media messages, and even contact messages. Are you trying to lose some pounds, or you want to keep fit by walking or running? Well, this smartwatch counts every step you take, and it also tracks your heart rate for health purposes.

Special Features

You can use this smartwatch to track your sleep

It is compatible with a smartphone so you can receive notifications

The watch features quality stainless steel and pure leather material construction

You can easily monitor your fitness journey using the watch

3. Fitbit Versa 2 Health & Fitness Smartwatch with Alexa built-in

You don’t need to touch your smartwatch to pick calls or check time as it is compatible with Alexa. Thus, you can utilize the voice command to control the functioning of this smartwatch. If you are having a problem sleeping well at night, or you have a sleeping disorder, you can use this smartwatch to track your sleep for better analyzing.

The smartwatch also allows one to monitor the fitness journey since you can see the calories burnt, the distance you cover walking or running, and even the heart rate. Note that the smartwatch has a rechargeable battery that can last for five days more.

Special Features

This smartwatch is compatible with Google Alexa

The smartwatch can save up to 300 and more songs

The watch tracks your heart rate for an entire day

You can also use it as a sleep tracker

4. Amazfit GTS Fashion Smartwatch with Slim Metal Body

The finish and design of this smartwatch make it stand out and look great. It is customizable on the widgets to fit your daily needs and uses. The watch is made of quality material construction that guarantees its durability and has a lightweight structure so you can wear it for as long as you want. This watch is made of waterproof materials such that it cannot corrode if you submerge it in water.

Special Features

The battery is durable and can last for two weeks

The watch is compatible with all iPhone models

The widgets are customizable to suit the user

The clock is comfortable to wear for a long time


These are quality, reliable, and durable smartwatches that are compatible with all the iPhones. The watches have multiple apps and settings similar to smartphones for convenient use.