Baseball Card Rookie and why do get them Graded with PSA Grading

PSA grading
PSA grading

PSA Grading or Professional Sports Authenticator Grading is the best known grading in the USA. PSA has processed about 30m cards and collectibles, which have a value of billion dollars.  When it comes to vintage cards for the NBA, PSA is seen as an authentic source, because of the number of sales that they have done in the past.

Grading Scale of PSA

PSA has a grading scale of 1 to 10; 1 being poor and 10 being Gem Mint. PSA grading holds value for high end cards. If a card wants to get good grading, then it should display qualities, which separate them from average cards.  If the buyer is bidding online, and is not able to see the card, then PSA has a range of qualifiers, which actually gives the buyer a general feel of the card.

PSA Terms to Remember

Before understanding why baseball cards need a PSA grading, it is best to understand some specific terms relating to PSA qualifiers:


This diminishes the value of the card, and is commonly found in vintage cards.

Print Defect

This is a white dot, which is also known as fish eye and snow. If even the slightest defect is seen on a card, then it won’t get a good grade.

Out of Focus

These cards are not seen much in new packs, and if someone looks at them for long, they will get a headache. An OF card would lower down the general price of the card.


This can be a signature, which was added at a later date. If a card has writing, ink marks, or any evidence of an impression of writing, then the card gets an MK designation.


A miscut focuses on the card and not on the image of the card. If the portion of the card is missing or it is oversized, then that is known as miscut.

Advantages of the PSA Grading

In NBA, there are two other reputable names as well; Beckett Grading and SGC Grading. However, PSA has a competitive edge over them.

PSA has a reputation of being an expert, when it comes to old cards. For example, if a card is pre-1970s, then PSA will be looked upon as an expert. They have exceeded in this regard, from their competitor, BGS. Even if the BGS charge lower prices compared to PSA, the overall rating of PSA has more importance.

PSA is a trustworthy source for handling high ticket items, and they appraise cards at a quicker rate as well.

PSA has a Set Registry, which allows the buyer to track inventory, cost and population. The buyers can compete with others, meet other collectors and enjoy common interests.

PSA has graded about 30 million cards, and they have a value of billion dollars. PSA has expertise in this area, making them a trustworthy source to get baseball cards.

If the buyer joins the PSA collectors club, then when PSA is selling, the buyer will get bulk rates.