Aerial Imagery Market Insights and In-Depth Analysis 2024-2025 with Types, Products and Key Players

Updation of mapping technology has been the major factor responsible for the expansion of the global aerial imaging market. Aerial imaging finds itself in a wide range of applications across industries like tourism, journalism, archeology, construction and development, and cartography. Such popularity of aerial imaging is ascribed to the need for high-resolution imagery arising.

Existing organization in the global aerial imaging market is vying for more market share. They have shifted their focus to betterment of their features like intelligence surveillance, urban planning, route designing, and volume-based calculations. The companies are also into strategic collaborations for the expansion of their geographical footprint. Some of the renowned market players that have been analyzed in the global aerial imaging market are NRC Group ASA, Google Inc., High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc., Fugro N.V., EagleView Technologies Inc., and ARC Aerial Imaging Limited.

Transparency Market Research (TMR) has studied the global aerial imaging market in detail and has come up with a report on the same. Utilizing extensive research methods, TMR has included information pertinent to the dynamics of the global aerial imaging market. Analysts at TMR prophesize that the market is estimated to expand at 14.6% CAGR over the period of assessment, from 2017 to 2025.

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For the purpose of analysis, the global aerial imaging market has been segmented into the principal regions of Latin America, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America.

The global aerial imaging market is estimated to be commanded by North America during the forecast period. The regional dominance of North America is likely to continue throughout the assessment period due to the augmented use of aerial imaging technology by the forestry and agricultural industry. Increased implementation of innovative tools drones in various industries for high-resolution aerial images are driving the market during the period of assessment.

In addition, for the purpose of disaster management, urban planning, monitoring and surveillance, aerial imaging tools are used extensively, which is driving the progress of the market in Asia Pacific. Rise in the affordability level of companies to make use of such premium technologies is fostering regional market growth.

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Multiple Uses across Many Industries is Likely Facilitate Market Expansion

The global aerial imaging market is likely to be driven by accentuated use of the system in construction and development sector. In the construction sector, high-resolution images aids in ensuring safety of the workers. Those images are also used for marketing of construction projects.  These images can be utilized for the creation of 3D BIM models and shared with stakeholders to assess the viability of projects.

Harnessing the benefits of aerial imaging technology, efficacious management of energy and resource is obtained, which adds to the growth of the market. Personal aerial mapping systems (PAMS) is finding increased use in present times, which is likely to offer lucrative growth opportunities to the global aerial imaging market over the timeframe of assessment.

Archeological researches have started involving aerial videography and photography so as to facilitate better analysis and study of ancient landscapes and site of historical significance. Property advertisements have also started using aerial images to attract more customers through better images. According to the analysts of TMR, cost effective yet highly efficient aerial photography is rapidly becoming a popular choice among the property sellers.

Of late, geospatial technology has been making increased utilization of aerial imaging to provide precise location details for various purposes. The security and defense segment has emerged as a prominent user both geospatial data and aerial images.

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High awareness levels among the consumers and with the availability of high-resolution aerial images from various providers have added impetus to the expansion of the aerial imaging market during the forecast period. Rapid growth in use of unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs has facilitated augmented use of aerial images for many purposes. Growing popularity of location-based services among common people for entertainment and information is likely to open up new growth prospects for the market during assessment period, from 2017 to 2025.