5 recommended sites where you can watch anime for free (Dubbed and Subbed)

“Is there a site where you can watch anime for free?”

This article is for those who have such problems.

In addition to Anitube, there are many other sites where you can watch anime for free.

In this article, we will introduce sites where you can watch anime for free


Biribiri is a video sharing site operated in China.

Even though it is a Chinese site, much Japanese anime are uploaded.

However, there may be a few videos that are translated into Japanese.

It is a popular site overseas and the number of browsing continues to increase.

It is known that the server is strong, and there is no worry about the server going down.


KissAnime also allows you to view anime for free.

KissAnime has recently taken a little time to browse, and a screen to authenticate that it is not a robot has been displayed.

It can be said that the number of anime is quite large and the probability of finding the anime you want to see is quite high.

However, it is a site with a lot of advertisements.

And even if you don’t click, the ad may appear in a separate window.

I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who feels annoying.


Anipo is a very useful site for finding anime currently being broadcast.

Anipo is not a type of site because videos can be viewed on the site.

Anipo is a site with links to sites you can watch for free.

The update speed is very fast, so it is useful when you want to watch recent animations for free.

However, the link is only pasted, so it may be deleted immediately for some reason.

Daily motion

Daily motion is also a site where many anime are uploaded.

The site has a large number of subscribers and is especially popular in Europe.

The daily motion may be found in Youtube and KissAnime other than anime that has not been uploaded.

I have the impression that there are not so many advertisements.

However, isn’t it a bit of an ad being displayed while viewing the video?


GoGoAnime is another popular site overseas.

Although it is a popular site overseas, it has the merit that Japanese animation is very substantial.

The design of the site is very easy to see and clean.

Some people may feel annoyed by pop-up advertisements.

However, advertisements were not displayed when viewing the video.