10 tips for a successful homemade brunch

Fancy a two-in-one meal that everyone remembers? To pack between breakfast and lunch, make way for the secrets of brunch! Nothing new under the sun, the simpler the meal looks, the easier it is to miss it. And if the drama is never irreparable, it is so much more practical to organize a little bit to avoid making mistakes … We all did it at least once, we all understood from the first time, fishing by lazy is not worth it!

Promised, sworn, a few simple tips, a list, and a well-filled cupboard are enough to ensure a successful brunch. The right balance, in short, between sweet and savory, classic and original, decoration and variety… or improvisation and organization! We think of everything the day before, we forget everything the same day, it is the principle of brunch that hits the bull’s eye: a gourmet lunch that looks like morning, full of sleep or overflowing with well-being, but above all, without the headache!

Choose the right brunch

A mixture of breakfast and lunch, brunch can borrow more from one, more from the other… and enjoy a cool drink in bed or with the family in the garden! Breakfast version, nothing prevents simplifying brunch for a tray to enjoy under the quilt, for two and lovers. Sandwiches and jam, bacon and scrambled eggs, orange juice and coffee, it’s done: nothing very complicated when the brunch is eaten in pajamas, after getting out of sleep. If you are considering party brunch, group, and buffet, however … beware of improvisation! Perfect for welcoming friends and family between late morning and early afternoon, a large model brunch is certainly simpler than a real lunch … but also more complicated than breakfast. In this case, you will have to think about the quantities and the decoration,

Organize your brunch

Between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., between seriousness and sweetness, brunch has two pillars, and one of them is sweet! Viennoiseries in jams, no question of zapping it … If you are looking for simplicity, a basket of viennoiseries, a few sandwiches and fruit may be enough. If you dream of twisting brunch, on the other hand, make room for variety! Align the sweets on the trays and let yourself go on the ideas: brunch authorizes everything. The extra thing? Combine the salad bowls of cereals, fresh fruit, dried fruit, seeds, nuts … and let each guest compose their muesli. Other? Cook muffins, madeleines, sweet cakes or French toast. Vary the sandwiches and spreads, dare the fruit pies and real cakes, and pancakes. Line up the cereals, seeds, muesli, yogurt, and cream. Don’t forget fruits, plain, in smoothies, compotes or salads. And dare the whipped cream waffles, the toast topped with a scoop of ice cream or the muesli on the frozen yogurt!

Don’t forget the salty brunch

The second pillar of brunch? The savory, of course, symbolizing the lunch part of this funny hybrid meal. And to ensure, there again, think variety! If the essentials of brunch are eggs, there is no question of settling for an idea: serve them, or offer them, both scrambled and poached, boiled or omelet, on the plate or a toast. Better, accompany them with a choice of paillettes, bread, cakes, blinis, toast, crackers or cookies … and think of salmon or other smoked fish, perfect allies of eggs. The following? Cheese and cold meats, with nice handfuls of salad! On the hot side, plan a choice of sausages, slices of bacon and bacon. On the cold side, present an assortment of pink slices in which everyone can peck, not far from a nice cheese platter. As for betting on a sophisticated brunch,

Think about a sweet bunch

The real secret of an irresistible brunch? The variety. However, the picnic effect of a sweet and savory meal, to ensure, must be minimally organized! To start and depending on the style of brunch chosen, think about quantity. If you are few in number, choose a variety over serving size. If there are many of you, increase the amount of food that is easy to store rather than cooked, you will avoid spoiled leftovers. Do the shopping in advance and the case of a buffet, cook as much as possible in advance: spreads, drinks, bread… Some recipes are easily prepared in advance, others are frozen once ready, and the bread doughs or pastries can rise well all night! Also, be careful not to place all loose dishes on a table. Better to plan salty, sweet spaces,

Bet on Vitamins

After all, brunch is half breakfast… it must provide its quota of vitamins for the day, and without faltering! The secret? Fruits and vegetables in all forms, and in particular in smoothies. If you have a blender or better, a centrifuge, do not hesitate to have them enthroned on the buffet, near a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables, glasses and straws, where everyone will concoct their drink. Add milk or ice and enjoy a milkshake! In any case, do not forget to plan at least one fruit salad or even an alcohol-free punch … or with, for the toughest. Spit the fruit on skewers, line the compotes and homemade jams in pretty salad bowls, cut the vegetables into sticks, slices or spaghetti. The little extra? Present each diced ingredient,


Bet on brunch classics

Brunch side, certain traditions are impossible to circumvent. And unless you have a romantic brunch, no question of zapping them! The guests, whoever they are, expect to discover some essential components on the set. Better, they rejoice, all the more reason not to disappoint them … In other words, always plan a fruit juice, orange for the classic, and one or more hot drinks, from tea to coffee and chocolate. hot. And to eat? Bread and pastries for the sweet, or even pancakes and pancakes… to be salted, why not! Salty to continue with the basics of eggs, cold meats including bacon, smoked salmon or cheese. As for choosing a starchy food for the morning, bet without hesitation on the essential potatoes, preferably sautéed,

Add a touch of originality

Ensure the classics for those who are waiting for them, okay… but not without twisting the brunch on the way! This is the very principle of brunch, we align the dishes. Easy, therefore, to combine essentials and original recipes, local dishes, and ideas from around the world. Change without revolutionizing? Bet on the world’s brunches with American bagels and Nordic black bread, English scones or even porridge. If you prefer to revolutionize, however, no bans! Think of regressive recipes, sprinkle the buffet with candy baskets, dare vegetable juices and green smoothies, vegetable milk, and scented pastries. Offer caramelized skewers or sweet and savory beet or avocado spreads,


Think about the decorative brunch

The recipes are chosen, the ingredients aligned and the brunch almost ready. It’s time to think about decoration, bluff side or cocoon side! When we talk to you about decor for a brunch, beware, no question of spending two hours setting the table. A few tips are enough to transform the meal into an arty event or comfort tray, provided you choose the right ones. Have you opted for a pastiche brunch, in bed, and on the tray, effortless but ultra-greedy? Choose express decor by choosing pretty trays, or cover them with patterned paper towels. Choose the dishes carefully, add a flower or a decorated napkin ring on each tray, or even a quick note, it’s done! As for the buffet brunch? Opt for a theme of color or atmosphere, grant table linen, cutlery, and glasses,

Vary the drinks

The problem with brunch? We are content, very often, with a bottle of orange juice and a thermos of coffee… well, but stingy! The happiness of brunch comes from its diversity. Whether you are having a romantic brunch or a family meal, prefer variety to quantity: plan more for coffee and orange juice, okay, but dare, as an accompaniment, for recipes that change and new flavors . Especially since the options are numerous! Offer smoothies and juices of different colors and flavors mix carrot and orange with tomato or spinach juice. Decline on hot drinks, hot chocolate with chili, caramel coffee, strong tea with plant infusions, with jars of leaves or sachets to pick. Is the weather getting hot? Don’t forget the iced tea… As for the purists of the American brunch,

Count on accompaniments

As for making the difference between a nice brunch and an unforgettable brunch, the trick is in jars, in the plural: multiply the accompaniments! Nothing is easier to reinvent a recipe than to crown it with all the sauces. In other words? Pancakes, pancakes and other sweet wonders are transformed into whipped cream or custard, jams and spread, almond puree and lemon curd, chocolate powder or peanut butter… And the same goes for the salty side! Do not forget especially ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise, complete with chutneys and condiments, capers with cucumbers. Dare to vary the salts with sea salts, herbs or spices, and do the same with the sugars: an assortment of white sugar, brown sugar, sweetener, or even agave or maple syrup, Stevia or coconut sugar,