What is the Shortest Raid in World of Warcraft?


Every experienced player knows the importance of raids in the World of Warcraft game. When you start playing this game, you need to own a character and get to different levels. These raids belong to characters that have already to their maximum level.

You will get into the stage where you will get plenty of challenging activities to win rewards and other gaming benefits. But many players want to know the shortest raid to get their rewards soon. There is no way to enhance your abilities or skills in this game, but you can boost your character ability while playing the raids.

Therefore, choosing the character wisely and getting to the shortest raid is necessary. It is a challenging task for beginners, and it takes to determine the best and short raid available in this gaming activity. If you are looking for gaming boosts, then you can check WoW Boost.

In the following write-up, we will discuss the shortest raid in WoW. We will also discuss more raids and how you get to the shortest one. In this way, you will get a fair idea of how to play this game and win more rewards.

Raids in WoW

Raids in WoW

Raids are the activities you can participate in when your character in World of Warcraft has reached the maximum level. If you are playing this game to gain skills, it is better to leave. It is about enhancing your character’s abilities and making it stronger to perform better. Before you reach the raid level, the characters must have all the gears and abilities.

Every character has a different set of abilities that you can use accordingly in this game. By using raiding guilds, one can know all the character’s abilities and defeat them easily with tactics. In this way, you can get success in this gaming activity. You need to spend hours going through all the raid levels.

But in every raid, you can experience different graphics, levels, rewards, and times to complete it. Many players look for the shortest raid to complete it within an hour and get the necessary rewards. If your character enhances its abilities, you can perform better and do many things that you could not do initially.

How to Start the Raid?

There is a button in the game, i.e., converting the group into the raid, and you need to press that button to get into that window. The leader can easily drag his favorite characters to any of the 8 parties. The player must have some strategies before choosing the parties for the available characters. If the leader can involve any character in the raid, he can also discard it.

Therefore, you have to check your abilities before inviting or kicking anyone at any level. There is an option of a reward warning to provide a command to the characters. It is necessary to deal with the raids carefully to enhance the abilities.

Shortest Raid in WoW


Onyxia’s is the shortest raid in the World of Warcraft game. It consists of 80 levels and is located in the Dustwallow Marsh. Generally, Onyxia lives here, and it is also the home of black Dragonflight. Initially, there were 60 levels in the raid, but after the release of advanced characters and levels, more than 20 levels were introduced. Now, it is a game for more than 40 players simultaneously. There are both 10-men and 25-men models.

Onyxia has constructed the Liar. The raid entrance seems like a brood mother, and the inner pathway looks like cracked ground and lined with magma. You will also observe the constant falling of rocks from the ceiling. If we talk about the walls, you will see that lava is flowing through them. You must know more about Onyxia’s character.

She is the daughter of Deathwing, a mighty black aspect in the game. She is good at manipulation. With her beauty and charm, she can influence different characters. It is believed that once she has destroyed Stormwind’s political structure by becoming the guise of Katrana Prestor. After that, she flew to Liar. When she entered the new zone, her members protected her.

The members belong to black Dragonflight. But one day, king Varian Wrynn attacked Liar, and after that, she spewed the magma in the air. The king decapitated Onyxia and brought her head to the city of Stormwind to hang it on the gate. In summon, Broll sealed the entrance of Liar and killed the unhatched progeny.

It is important to understand its story before you step into this raid. Undoubtedly, it is the shortest raid, but it is full of challenges, and you need to take them to get rewards. Understanding its story will help you know the characters and their abilities.

It is an 80-level raid that a player can play to get amazing rewards. As you clear the levels, you will get all the rewards Onyxia provided in her Liar. You need to seek every possible opportunity to get abilities that can improvise your character. It is easy to play in two modes, either 10-player or 25-player. You need to understand this raid level and step into it after knowing all the aspects.

Final Thoughts


Many players look for the shortest raid in the World of Warcraft game because it is the best way to get massive rewards in less time. You can go for Onyxia, but you have to face plenty of challenges. But you can enhance your character’s abilities and make strategies to defeat others. There will be a different and unique experience when you enter this stage.

In WoW, many players do not know about the shortest raid, and they enter into any available raid. Therefore, gathering plenty of information before you play any gaming levels is necessary. Proper research will help you know about the rewards you need to win the game. You should also know all the requirements to pass all the levels.