4 steps you can follow to protect your data from online thieves

4 steps you can follow to protect your data from online thieves

Do you know the most valuable thing on the earth? Maybe you will think about the money, but it is not true at all. Currently, the world’s most valuable thing is information. The information could be your bank account details, email accounts, social media accounts, etc. So, if hackers get a chance to hack any of these then the worst thing can happen to you.

So today, I am going to share some valuable information that I heard from a security researcher and maintaining it for a long time to keep my stuff safe from hackers.

Let’s get started:

  1. Don’t access financial and personal information from the public network:

Public Wi-Fi does not provide you the encrypted data security because most of the public Wi-Fi does not require a password to connect with the network. On the other hand, if the public WIFI needs to connect through a password, that also unsafe for your data because of so many people connected with the same network. So, the hacker can easily access your device if you and the hacker use the same network.

  1. Install Apps carefully:

No doubt without apps our electronic devices are not so exciting. So, we used to install apps to add more extra features on our mobile or laptop. Do you know the hackers inject viruses like malware and trojan through the apps to grab our personal information from the devices?

That’s why you should be more careful about the source of the apps and try to install the apps from the official app store like Google Play Store and for PC or laptop, you can download the apps from the official websites. On the other hand, for saving some penny’s we use crack software, which is another risk factor for us. Do not use any crack software because no one helps to use software for free.


  1. Try to use strong password:

Password is the door lock of your online home. So, try to make a strong password by mixing capital letters alphabet, numbers with different symbols. So, the hacker cannot guess the password.

There are lot of password encryption tools available in the market. You can use a tool like LastPass which protects your passwords from bad eyes as well as stores your password and fill the password in the login forms automatically when you visit necessary websites.  Besides these, change your password frequently.


  1. Turn on the 2FA verification system in your accounts:

2FA or Two Factor Authentication system is the safest system to protect your accounts. Two Factor Authentication system allows the system to send an extra code to the account owner’s mobile number or email to make sure that, no other person can get access to the account information.

I personally use the Google Authenticator app for the Two Factor Authentication process.

In conclusion, I want to tell you that, our life become more virtual than ever. So, we need to be more careful about our virtual assets to protect them in the safest way. If you carefully follow my steps and maintain it properly then you can keep your information safe. If you applied more tricks to keep your data safe, then please share it with us.