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Above all I hope that you and your loved ones are well. And may the spirit and enthusiasm for the great events that are yet to come, and that will come, never wane.
To continue to keep the content of the blog active and help those party brands a little bit that, like everyone else, started from 0 and although some have a great experience, this situation is complicated and with each passing day it becomes more difficult for everyone.
But it is that in addition to helping, and after my post of 20 brands according to your budget, I want to tell you what my list of preferred brands is and that I fully trust. I know them all first hand, I have been able to wear them at some time or see them live, so they have my approval in terms of quality of fabrics, auctions, image, etc.
It is true that this varies a lot from one to the other, as does its price, but in my opinion, they all have a minimum quality suitable for any event.
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So without further ado, here begins my list of favorite guest brands:

One of the brands that show with each season that the value for money is not at odds with good design and excellent manufacturing. Its collections are wide and varied with all kinds of clothing such as pants, suits, jumpsuits or dresses perfect for all types of occasions. And do not forget to take a look at its accessories, I am convinced that you will also like them.
Bgo and I are synonymous with elegance, fabrics with an amazing fall, timeless designs and perfect accessories. Without a doubt one of the most special brands I usually work with and recommend for our most important events. Highlighting their designs for godmothers or sister of the bride or groom. And the best? You will find in one place the perfect total look since they have a collection of jewelry, bags, shoes or headdresses.
Wedding guest brand
If what you like is getting out of the conventional guest and trying new shapes and fabrics, you cannot miss Lola Li. Founded by one of the most prestigious stylists in our country, Amparo Utrilla and Miguel, one of the fashion photographers with the greatest international projection, they dress a different but equally sophisticated and elegant guest. This latest collection has a vintage air that freaks me out.
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One of the party firms with the greatest international projection of which I work and that hides one of the most humble, human and family work teams I know. Entering the Matilde Cano universe and discovering the true sense of classic elegance but with modern overtones. If what you are looking for is a wide collection, for all tastes and with a great commitment to quality, this is your site. His designs for godmothers coexist with the most attracted and youthful, making it impossible to leave here without your dream dress. Be careful with your jewel belts or garments with appliqués, because they are simply wonderful.
Sighs of love for this brand that I saw being born and that evolves incredibly every season. It is my favorite for younger guests and more relaxed events such as graduations, communion or baptism. However, its founder, Sara, never forgets the most important occasions with spectacular wedding designs suitable for most budgets. You will love your monkeys!
When you have been working with brands like Blancaspina for so long, you know they are a safe bet. Elegance and sophistication are the adjectives that best define his timeless designs that are an excellent wardrobe at an average price. I like them because their simple lines and mono-color garments make many combinations possible.
Maria Barco is the designer behind this young Andalusian party brand. His designs for all ages and events will make you fall in love with their freshness and variety. But above all, for its ability to give that special and different touch to each of its proposals. Be careful because also its website has a separate outlet where you will find wonders.
My career is closely linked to that of La Croix. I think it was one of the first brands that I discovered in my beginnings and that I have followed closely because I fall in love with each of its designs and its evolution. Known for its wide variety of long dresses for evening events, galas or bridesmaids, it increasingly counts among its proposals pants or short dress sets. It certainly deserves a mandatory visit.
This beautiful Asturian brand stands out for a collection of artisan and national clothing, for the focus they put on fabrics, materials and, of course, on finishes. With proposals for all ages and events, I like it for its outfits that offer a wide variety of possibilities. But we cannot forget its iconic blazer type dresses, its plume or feather designs. They also have an atelier and a wide section of accessories.
I think I can say little about this firm that is undoubtedly a benchmark in the guest sector both for its collection of guest clothing and headdresses. To tell you that there is never anything that I don’t like and that matches its retro but modernized style. Not to mention their headdresses that you will have seen me many times. If you are looking for design and quality with vintage elegance in one place, this is your signature.
This young brand that I have been able to meet recently has me in love. Although they have a custom design, they always have in their catalog a small collection made by hand by Spanish seamstresses and that you can buy online. Its flagship fabrics are crepe satin or silk and among its youthful proposals you will find midi dresses, pants sets or long dresses that everyone will like. Promised.
P and Roses is one of the firms that have managed to reinvent the famous kimono. It is no longer just that oriental style outerwear that we put as a jacket, but they have managed to turn it into dresses or various sets of pantsuit or jumpsuit. If you are looking for versatility and difference with garments that you are going to be able to take advantage of in your day today, you have to know it!
Invitadisima is not a guest brand as such, but the largest online boutique of Spanish and international party brands that you will find. Its selection of party signatures is very careful and in many cases, exclusively sold. As far as its price range is accessible to all pockets, since it has innumerable low-cost proposals, many of the brands in this list mentioned, and even, use haute couture section for your most special events. Also, it has a wide selection of accessories to go out with your total look from the same order.
If what you are looking for is a collection of simple but very feminine lines that you can take advantage of for years, you have to know the designs of Claudia Peris. I love her long dresses for evening events and bridesmaids. But beware, each piece is made in very few units so that these garments are unique, and make us feel special at all times.
Chiribita is one of those brands with a lot of vibes. Of which if you like retro prints and different designs, you will fall in love. This new collection comes loaded with midi dresses. Suits jackets or two pieces that will not leave you indifferent. Be careful because it has a very interesting outlet section.
Surely you will remember Bianca Neri very much because her identity is that all her designs have cufflinks. Its collection is mainly made up of dress and casual shirts that you can personalize with cufflinks for different occasions or dresses that also have this option.
Mabel Galindo is a young designer from Barcelona who, in addition to having a bespoke design studio for both bride and guest, has her collection for guests. I discovered it last season and it has already completely conquered me. Her designs are suitable for all ages but my favorites are her long dresses, with flowing fabrics and spectacular floral prints.
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