Cleaning Multiple Surfaces With the Same Cleaner- Is It Wise?

The basic rule of the flooring of a house is to keep it the same in every room. However, as we know, rules are made to break. When it’s a rented apartment, you have the same flooring all over the house, perhaps except the bathroom. As you are compelled, you are saving yourself from a tough task. But if it is your own dream house, then experimenting with different flooring is normal. You cannot use the same flooring in the bathroom unless it’s tiles or mosaic. The kitchen flooring is the most common space to experiment with. So, the floor is entirely different there. Add to that, the preference to have a carpet flooring in the hall. Options are infinite. So, if you have carpets in your house, save yourself from moving them to another place while cleaning your floors, only by investing in something that is the Best Multi Surface Floor Cleaning Machine.

Different Floors, Different Treatment

No matter how passionate we are about, making our dream house flooring look posh and distinct. It is hard to clean, and many might regret their decision to have different flooring of different types in the same house because it is too tough to maintain. Every floor requires several tools and cleaners to keep it clean. Even the chemical solution needs to be different and appropriate.

What you can use to clean your carpet flooring in the drawing-room might not be appropriate for the hardwood floors in the dining hall. The engineered hardwood floors in the kitchen should not be treated the same way as the tile floors in the bathroom. You might have already understood how costly and hectic it could get.

So, what we are somewhat implying is that if you have five rooms in your house that includes the bathroom, and suppose, have three types of flooring- carpet flooring, tiles flooring, and hardwood flooring, then you are going to need three cleaning machines and solutions to keep each of them clean and shiny. Does that even sound feasible? Personally, I would prefer not to clean the floor at all in protest. Joking aside, it is indeed a serious issue. Because when it is so difficult and costly, then why can’t we use the same cleaning machine on the carpet as well as the hardwood and tiles flooring! Multiple floors, with one single machine, one easy solution.

Forget carpet flooring; many times, we have many carpets and small rugs all over the house. And no one enjoys moving the carpets and rugs all the time to clean the surface underneath. So, the simple solution is using the same cleaning machine on both the carpet and floor. Thus, the question arises can you use a carpet cleaner on hardwood floors or other hard surfaces, and we are pretty pleased to let you know there are multi-surface floor cleaning machines available for that.

Multi-Surface Floor Cleaning Machine

If you search a bit, you are going to get quite a few effective tools as well as solutions that perfectly clean both hardwood floors and the carpet over it. You do not need to switch between two different tools to clean two different surfaces. A well-made, high-quality multi-surface floor cleaning machine will clean your hardwood floors efficiently and will be gentle on the rugs and carpet too.

Hardwood floors, tiles, or other surfaces are tough, and carpets are delicate. However, both need the same kind of treatment. Handling both with care is what increases their shelf life. It would be best if you had a machine that lets you continue cleaning on any and every surface, and you do not even need to struggle as they are available everywhere.

These machines come with the option of a wet-dry vacuum. So, you can vacuum the floors and rugs when it needs thorough dusting. Then, you can use the same device to mop clean the floor. Lastly, these machines, without any struggle, let you remove the toughest of stains.

The head is going to have a microfiber brush on it. It is equally delicate and potent on the floors. It is almost as if it changes the cleaning technique accordingly, depending on the type of the floor.

You have separate tanks to fill the chemical solution in the machine. Choose the solution wisely. Make sure the solutions don’t damage the multiple surfaces. If you are not sure, then do not use it at all. Use plain water; it will work just fine.

Is It A Good Idea To Use A Multi Surface Floor Cleaner?

If you are wondering whether it is sane, to use a multi-surface cleaner, then stop getting confused. Because it works and once you use it, you are going to know how well it works. You will see how convenient these machines are. They will save you money, energy, time, and, last but not least, will encourage you to keep all the different surfaces in your house clean.

It is not unlikely to lose interest in keeping the floors clean the way they should be kept clean to make them last. When it’s tough, people lose interest altogether. They stop caring. But when you use a high-quality floor cleaner that cleans every type of surface in your house with the same dedication and perfection, you find the much-needed encouragement, thinking, when it is so easy, I must do it.

How It Works

A multi-surface cleaning machine is exactly like any floor cleaner. The only difference will be you can use it not on just a specific surface, rather on multiple surfaces.

It will be rechargeable or will have a cord to plug in. It is going to have a swivel head, a water tank, or a tank for the solution, as well as a separate tank for dirty water.

The fine bristles and scrub of the head treat surfaces delicately without leaving scratches on them.

Such a cleaning machine will have a comfy handle to move it. Cleaning the tough to reach spaces will always be easy with such cleaners.

What you will have to do is filling the tank with a good-quality solution. Then push the on button. The moment it is on, it is going to shoot hot water and solution on the surfaces. Move it on the dirty surfaces. It will clean everything from dust, stain to germs, and bacteria efficiently.

So if you are still contemplating on whether to buy a floor cleaner that is suitable to clean multiple surfaces, then stop right there and purchase one. Use it to know it.