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Alenia Brand was born to dress a young and timeless guest but who runs away from the classic dress. Its 100% Spanish clothing designs are inspired by international trends and its latest collection stands out for its wonderful prints, puff sleeves or halter necks. Attention not only BBC guests but New Year’s Eve parties, and even graduation, because their proposals for this type of event are also varied.
Tacatuca is the multi-branded store of the great Zaragoza designer Estela Garro. In addition to bringing together in its Zaragoza boutique many of the brands on this list, it has a tailored atelier in which to make the dress of your dreams come true. Dozens of brides, bridesmaids or guests have passed through his workshop, including me. I want to highlight her dresses and skirts with volume because nobody does it better than her.
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I think I met Mioh because of the famous white bohemian and Ibizan dress that Paula Echevarría wore for the year 2024 if I remember correctly. And since then I am a faithful follower of his designs because there is none that I like. They are perfect for guests with fresh, boho and relaxed airs, but that we can also take advantage of in our day to day. His latest collections are filled with embroidery and prints or fringe.
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Redondo Brand is the new party brand that every current perfect guest and trendsetter should know. Aimed at a young and sophisticated audience, some of their clothes sell out in less than 24 hours. Their collection is full of different, stylish and glamorous designs at an average price. And I assure you that there is nothing that says I do not like.
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Another brand that I am sure many will remember because I have been teaching their designs since the beginning of this adventure. This Galician firm has a made-to-measure atelier and its guest and girlfriend collection that they renew every season. The quality of its fabrics is interspersed with a pure, unique and delicate design suitable for both young guests and godmothers.

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Vogan is the quintessential brand of the rustic guest but it does not renounce elegance. Her checkered dresses with vintage tints will make you the most special perfect guest of all. Look out for their jacket suits, because they couldn’t be more spectacular.
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If all this recovers, soon you will see me with some of the spectacular designs of Silvia Fernandez. In addition to having a wedding and guest atelier, it also has a wide own collection of party fashion and a small bridal capsule collection. Among its proposals for all kinds of guests, you will find innumerable designs ranging from the most classic design to proposals with trends as current as puffed sleeves and feathers. You will be delighted, fiance.
One of my favorite brands for day to day but that hides within its wide catalog, various designs for guests with bohemian and relaxed airs. Her dresses are filled with floral prints with fluid fabrics perfect for country weddings or on the beach since they can be worn mostly with wedges or espadrilles. But do not hesitate to add a heel to give it a more chic and sophisticated touch. Must visit your website!
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What to say about the designer that I chose for my sister’s wedding! That quality, design and advice converted into haute couture are the hallmarks of this Sevillian artist. His tireless search for new fabrics and materials that intermingle with incredible sconces, result in catwalk collections and are already a regular in any red carpet. Special designs for special guests such as the sister of the bride or groom and godmothers or mother of the bride.
I have always been a faithful follower of Rosa Clará’s bridal designs, proof of which is that I married one of her dresses. But I love how it has been able to translate its essence into party fashion too. Within its collection, for guests we will find very emblematic proposals of the brand that are increasingly mixed with more current and youthful dresses.
Its designer, Laura Corsini, has created an innovative concept of renewed basics to design garments that adapt to the style of any woman and create versatile, simple garments that do not follow fads or trends. Within its collection you will find the same design in a multitude of colors that you can combine, so pay attention, bridesmaids. In addition to its iconic half dresses or twist garments, which can be worn with the neckline on the chest or the back.
This I think is the only brand that I have never personally released, but that I know closely because I have tried it in different boutiques. I love their designs and style for guests of all types and ages at an average price.
This Andalusian brand manages to combine the style of the Andalusian tradition with contemporary design. With these values, she creates a defined style and elegance based on pure lines and different shapes for a daring and current guest. You cannot stop seeing his spring-summer 2024 collection because I think it is my favorite so far!
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