The looks of Sandra, from Perfect Guest, always leave us speechless! Once again, he wanted to surprise us with a very special look for sisters of the bride or guests who want to feel unique.
On this occasion, she wears a long-sleeved, central-opening Matilde Cano tricolor dress. Also, he decides to include a hand-embroidered jewel vest in old silver, also from the firm, which undoubtedly complements it and adds extra sophistication.The earrings that Sandra wears are from Acus Complementos, the bag from Olvido Madrid and the sandals from Gloria Ortiz. Marta from MG Beauty has taken care of her hairstyle and makeup, she is beautiful!
The photographs are taken in La Quinta de Jarama, an environment that perfectly accompanies the look.khaadi pret

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The preview of Matilde Cano’s new 2024 collection is here!
This collection arrives stomping and that is why, Russian-inspired embroidery and golden tones are its main protagonists. Without leaving behind the sleeves with volume and the applications embroidered in guipure that will make your dress a unique dress.
Rhinestones, feathers, embroidery, and fabrics rich in detail will make everyone look at your dress. Worthy of every perfect guest.
Then we leave you the photographs of the new collection, we hope you like it! Very soon available in official stores, online stores and your usual distributor.
Sandra Majada, the author of the Perfect Guest blog, never ceases to amaze you. On this occasion, she wears an ideal look for a night guest, both for the bride’s sisters, as well as for witnesses, close friends, or any guest who wants to feel special.
The protagonist of styling is her signature Matilde Cano dress, a long dress, with a tropical print, with 3/4 sleeves and an impressive fall, without a doubt, it is about those dresses that leave their mark when passing. The dress is accompanied by a jeweled belt worthy of a princess.
The rest of the accessories, both the earrings and the bracelet, are from Salvatore Plata, simple but special. The bag, with a golden touch, is from Olvido Madrid, and the matching sandals from Zara.
Without further ado, we leave you the result of the shooting that personally left us speechless. We hope you like it!
This season you will have it very clear, all the prominence is deserved by your sleeves. This eighties trend is coming back very strong both in dresses, blouses and even jackets. They are the new MUST of the season!
This type of sleeves has a large volume in the shoulder area or the final area of ​​the arm, making any garment very chic, innovative and daring. Their shape lends itself to simple accessories, pretending that all attention is focused on them.
Do you dare? We leave you a series of look proposals that are sure to encourage you to include one of these garments in your wardrobe. For yet another year and just after March, many communion moms go to work in search of the perfect dress for the communion of their children. It is a very special day, so from Matilde Cano we always dare to make a small compilation of the trends of the season. Do you want to see more? Let’s start!
The dresses are still the perfect allies for this type of event, they are feminine and very elegant. Shorts generally prevail, although there are already moms who dare with the midi and long cut. Pastel colors continue to destroy another season, we encourage you to combine your garment with your child’s dress or suit. You will destroy it!
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Feminine, fresh and youthful are the words that could perfectly define this new MáSS 2019 collection by Matilde Cano.
Long printed dresses with vivid spring colors, asymmetric multiposition necklines that let your imagination run wild, tulle, flowers and rhinestones … Don’t miss any of the dresses that make up this collection! Combine them with striking headdresses, headbands or jewel earrings that add to your look that chic touch so characteristic of MORE.
With weddings, baptisms and communions just around the corner, have you already thought about what your ideal dress will be? We leave you a selection of photographs that will surely help you decide!
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