If you are someone who is a big-time fashion enthusiast, you would definitely be knowing about the French and their sense of fashion. Or, to narrow it down all the more, you would indubitably be familiar with the Parisian fashion culture, and to top it all off, what if we tell you about a brand which is older than the two World Wars combined?

Do not get shocked! Hermes is such a brand which has sustained themselves for over one hundred and eighty years. This was the brainchild of one such craftsman, Thierry Hermes. They have all glided through a huge timespan of eras, with a changing facade of fashion and yet they still thrive with utmost boldness. What started off initially as a harness workshop in the heart of the French city Paris, eventually grew up to be a multimillion-dollar fashion icon. These saddles and harnesses were made exclusively for people who were the European elites, so then how did such a company blossom into a bag and leather company? It was because of the founder’s wife, who complained of not getting a handbag to her liking in the entirety of Paris. That was when Thierry Hermes made her a handbag and eventually shifted the focus of his business.

The First Kelly and Birkin:

If Hermes has a worldwide popularity, it is obviously for two specific bags, which goes by the name of a Birkin bag and a Kelly bag. The fashion industry was booming back in the days but then, cut to the twenty first century, and the shopping experience is a disastrous thing for women. There are numerous articles which state about numerous regular women trying to finally get their hands off a Birkin bag but get wholly disappointed due to the unavailability of the bags as well as the nonchalant behavior of the store staff.

Why Do We Have So Many Angry Reviews for Hermes Now?

If you are updated about the fashion world and fashionistas, you would be knowing that the Birkin is one of Victoria Beckham’s favorites. But the sad truth is that a lot of women have revealed on the internet that the Birkins have a pretty high price, around six thousand euros along with the added charges, but it is also said that getting one’s hands onto one of those Hermes bags is akin to finding marijuana in the open market. In a lot of the Hermes shops, whenever anyone goes in to buy a Birkin, it seems like a chill falling around in the place.

Does It Have No Pros at All?

Hermes does have a great live chat directory and it is also said that the online option is pretty helpful if one needs to buy anything, despite all the internet rumors of non-compliant staff, unavailability of these bags and awkward stares by store staff, it is a pretty contrasting experience when it comes to shopping from the official Hermes website. The women are pretty happy and satisfied when they shop from the official Hermes website as compared to their bricks -and-mortar store. It is said that their staff officials are way more compliant and nicer online than in their official stores.

However anyone says, getting your hands on a Birkin bag is not as easy as it seems, and it seems like any woman cannot just go walk inside their flagship stores and get their hands onto a birkin or a kelly bag, even if you are shopping online and get a pretty nice deal of the Hermes live chat, one needs to have brand loyalty and a pretty good relationship with this luxury fashion brand. Talk about maintaining a high fashion luxurious relationship between their customers and their personal favorite brands!