Woodrow Mercer is a UK based recruitment agency specializing in technology, finance, and e-learning recruitment. Associates were founded in January 2012, out of Birmingham providing Healthcare & Technology recruitment. It has its headquarters in Birmingham and West Midlands

The company has grown rapidly in a short space of time. The journey of the company started in 2012. Just over a year later they had 100 contractors working for them.  Fast forward another year and they kicked off their Learning division and founded Eloco which study intensively in niche Engineering and Document Solutions markets.

In 2014 their London office commenced work which houses their Technology division and 2 years later in 2016 they opened their Leeds office and Finance division, a joint venture with boutique finance advisory consultancy FDYL.  Today they can boost 50 staff in 4 offices, specializing in 10 sectors.

The country, over the years, has been working their fingers to the bone as they make sure recruits have access to everything they need and also, making sure trust and partnership are nurtured in the process. They specialize in recruiting for niche roles across 6 sectors: Learning Technology Finance Transport Document Solutions Engineering Healthcare.

In terms of Healthcare, As a Commercial Crown Service approved framework supplier, Woodrow Mercer Healthcare fixes up a collection of interim and permanent solutions across the UK. The company has earned the respect of getting better of different challenges with knowledge and teamwork. They can provide enthusiastic solutions to an ever-evolving niche sector. Since the division’s creation in 2012, they have allotted over 300 interims and 100 permanent professionals into the NHS, Private Health, and Digital Health sectors.

Woodrow Mercer Technology is made up of experts and consultants who work wisely that made them catch the eye of customers and step ahead of the trend.  Whether it is a job in back-end web development or front end development, Woodrow Mercer’s team of competent technology recruiters can find the perfect and impeccable role to help further one’s career.

Their priorities around IT progress continually with the ever-changing industry, with their clients and candidates valuing the insights they dispense around technology recruitment.  Their team of technology recruiters is set in into different aspects of the industry, so they can assist clients in finding the ideal next job in a chosen field.

When it comes to Woodrow Mercer Engineering, which was formerly known as Eloco Recruitment, their candidates are the vital force of everything they do at Woodrow Mercer Engineering. They work their fingers to the bone to find the best talent for their loyal customer base and also work creatively to ensure each candidate they work with is gifted with the best opportunities that will be vital in self-development. The team works with the leading manufacturers, multi-brand companies, and their dealer networks. They have great relationships with a large pool of the best engineers their markets have to offer.

Also, Woodrow Mercer has created numerous opportunities that they are leading recruiters across Learning & Development and e-learning opportunities across the UK, putting up professionals with first-class and excellent roles within some of the UK’s leading organizations.

Specializing and having vast knowledge in a range of learning sectors, they have a team of passionate recruiters who are enthusiastic and always ready to help find the very best permanent and interim professionals, and roles, in this sector.

Focusing on finance, Woodrow Mercer Finance has set out to challenge the way and processes in which finance professionals are recruited. With several Finance Directors in the business that are willing to offer an advisory service, they can help you scope your requirements more closely to provide candidates that are more relevant to the role and your business. This will help the financial status of your business.

Whilst the idea of “FDs recruiting FDs” is simple and straightforward, their additional experience will also set right and boost the chances of successful placement in the transactional team, part, and newly qualified staff and all senior finance staff.

Lastly moving to the document solution which is previously known as Eloco Recruitment, Woodrow Mercer’s Document Solutions team has possession of some of the UK’s leading recruiters covering Service, Professional Services, Technical and Senior Level Appointments within the industry.  Their consultants are trusted recruitment advisors to privately owned, publicly listed, and blue-chip organizations who are always ready to render their assistance.

To make sure everything goes smoothly without any hitches, they nurture and support organizations through each stage of their strategic growth plans by guiding and providing the resource they need to ensure their business can grow drastically and also witness rapid change.

Woodrow Mercer is a very suitable and worthwhile place to work with offices in Birmingham, London, Leeds, Nottingham, Hull, and Manchester. They have great pride in empowering and encouraging their team to do the very best, with much ease which will make it more fun.

Since the company was formed in 2012, it has set upon a clear strategy of growth, offering several opportunities to its people along the line.  In that time they have developed divisions into market leaders and they are now looking to nurture the very best recruitment talent.  They are searching for proven recruiters who want to make a huge impact on their recruitment career.

Though the company expects all of its people to put their best foot forward and achieve certain goals, their management teamwork equally hard to create a fun, lively, and enjoyable place for recruits to work. They consistently make known their ambition to become one of the UK’s best specialist recruitment businesses and strive to offer every one of their staff the chance to enjoy the results of the hard work. They will tailor a career progression map that takes you from where you are now, and give you clear opportunities to strive to be one of the leaders of their business. Alternatively, if you’re just looking to the bill, they can supply that too!