New Zealand – the vegas of the natural environment

New Zealand, a small country in the South Pacific, is an Island country that packs in so much in such a small space.  Below I will show you some of the places you can see by hiring a bus for your group trip to New Zealand.

Have you ever imagined being able to surf quality wave breaks in the morning and then snowboard in the afternoon?  In New Zealand, in a place called New Plymouth, you can do just that. They have a beautiful cone mountain that is close to the sea.  You would think that this place would be packed with people, but on the contrary, you and your friends will often have the clean wave breaks to yourself.

Travel a few hours from New Plymouth and you come to the centre of the North Island, where you can enjoy geothermal activities; hot pools, boiling mud, and even a place where two streams meet (one hot and one cold) so you can find the perfect temperature for your swim. These places are known for more than geothermal activities, but also their clean rivers and lakes, the abundant trout and the majestic forests.  Get back to nature to enjoy these things.

There is so much for everyone in New Zealand.  Would you like to hunt deer, pigs and other wild game?  You can in New Zealand.  New Zealand has a lot of untouched lands that you can explore and hunt in.  These places will bring you into deep valleys and over hills and mountains to experience what the early New Zealand settlers would have.  If you would rather fish, you can either in lakes and rivers or in the sea.  New Zealand being an island has so much coast to explore and game fish like Marlin are available to be caught.

Do you like the beachfront the continual change of the sea?  New Zealand has so much to be seen.  It is primarily made up of two long islands, with subtropical weather in the north and cool antarctic oceans in the south.  There are places of calm and serenity and others where the sea churns and pounds at the shore.  You have areas of fine golden sands and others of iron sand that burns your feet in the hot summer days.  The East coast of New Zealand is many times calmers and typically has golden sands, while the west coast is rough and powerful.  You can travel between the two in some places in less than 30 minutes.  There is so much life in the sea, a world that can be discovered through the many activities that are offered, or by just being observant when you go to the sea.

New Zealand is so compact that you can enjoy the activities in the cities in the morning and then travel to many nature activities out of the city in the afternoon.  Auckland the most populous city has much to do for the kids and adults alike in the city.  Places like Sky City and Underwater world provide much entertainment.  Then close by you can visit the many islands out in the bay, including a volcano.  Out to the west, you can visit the rugged forests of New Zealand and the churning west coast at one of the most popular surf beaches, Piha.  To the north, you can travel up to Goat Island to enjoy the scenic reserve and the abundance of fish that will swim close by.  To the east, you can enjoy some wineries and the beauty of the Coromandel.  To the south, you can visit the mighty Waikato and as far your eye can see beautiful rolling hills of green.  All of these things can be done in a day trip from Auckland.

New Zealand being the vegas of the natural environment has all these places available in relatively short driving distances.  So why do you delay, come bring your friends, enjoy what the wonderful land has to offer and see the beauty of the natural environment in its splendour.  So much to see, so much to enjoy and so much to behold, all available in this little island I call home.