How a coronavirus disinfestation service increase a restaurant revenue 300%

The coronavirus widespread has driven the Ministry of Health to execute the “National Day of Healthy Distance”, in which open and private non-essential activities must be canceled. That is why in recent days, at all educational levels institutions have been suspended. Numerous individuals have chosen to work from home and the thought became well known to avoid the spread of the disease.

But what is happening to restaurants and cafes amid the health possibility? Many businesses proceed to work without interference and have actualized measures to reinforce their hygiene.

Also, to follow the directions by the Service of Wellbeing, all the eateries have moreover followed to the suggestions of the World Wellbeing Organization (WHO).

Surface cleaning and disinfection

In addition to the usual barrier measures amid Coronavirus, recommendations can be adopted to avoid its spread. Disinfection Service can help to restrict its spread and minimize the risk of dispersion of the virus by in the premises especially at the reception people in our communities.

Disease-related to COVID-19 spread between people through sneezing, coughing, and through contact (with the mouth, nose, or mucous membranes of the eyes). The survival of COVID in the environment is not known but can vary from a few hours to several days. It depends on the type of material, residual humidity, or temperature. It is said that the transmission of these viruses from contaminated surfaces has not been proven, although it cannot be excluded.


It is recommended that the floors must be cleaned every day after using the area. Such surfaces are more prone to contact with the hands. They must be subjected to some simple disinfection at least once a day or after use of the premises from door handles, switches, furniture (table surfaces, desks …), fittings, etc. Concerning children’s toys, sharing between them should be avoided if possible without prior disinfection.

It is also recommended that the cleaning (or disinfection) of the premises must be carried out in the absence of the people with permanent ventilation of the premises. The use of a broom vacuum cleaner should not be observed.

Disinfection Inside Restaurants

In stores, the supply of cleaning products for hands and surfaces was assured. Tables and chairs are disinfected more frequently and utensils used by customers are continually sanitized.

In the product preparation area, restaurants disinfect all the utensils necessary to cook your food. The pizzas are baked at more than 235ºC and there is no human contact with them once they leave the oven.

As with other restaurants, any employee with clear symptoms of illness is not allowed to enter the restaurant. The rest of the workers avoid waving or hugging and wash their hands frequently. Finally, the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing the box has been increased in the motorcycles of the delivery men; as well as the helmets and thermal bags in which the products are transported.

In this way when quality hygiene is assured it increase the sales of the business and help them increase the revenue. It is seen that those restaurants where disinfection is being done their revenue have reached on the top level in comparison to others.