Let me get this straight. You were relocating for whatever reason, and you thought you would be able to pull your furniture into a rented truck and move it to the new place yourself. But, then you remember that you pulled a muscle back in 1997, and you do not want to risk the ability to stand straight with your shoulders back for the rest of your life? If that is the case, then I will say that you have made a wise decision. Otherwise, I will ask you another question: Does your wife know about this?

You are not as strong as you think.

Yes, you can lift six pizza boxes, or two babies, or a 200 on a benchpress (this is pretty good). But moving beds and sofas is a whole different ball game. For starters, you can’t just throw the bed down when you’re tired. Moreover, you won’t be utilizing only the shoulders, biceps, and triceps unless you want to lift the bed up and down. Moving furniture requires all of your muscles, and unless you have skipped leg day in the one month you have been to the gym in your life, I am sure that you will injure yourself.

Underestimate your ability to move furniture. I know you want to feel like a man, and I am well aware that you helped your wife with that peanut butter jar, but that doesn’t mean that you are fit enough to move the furniture of your entire house. You will be sore, that is, if you get by without injuring yourself, so move over and let the professional handle your furniture.

Insurance is your friend.

Do you know that if you damage your furniture when you are moving it yourself, you don’t get anything but the thorough look of disappointment from your partner and the innate feeling of guilt? On the other hand, if the moving company damages your furniture, you get a sizable pile of cash without the inherent sense of shame? Which of the above sounds like a good deal to you? Or is this even a question I should be asking? Insurance of your furniture is beneficial, especially during a move when the chances of it being damaged are high.

Now I present a stronger argument to you. The movers are more qualified than you to manage your furniture, which means that the probability of you damaging the furniture is higher than the movers damaging it because they have done it a hundred times before, if not more. If you wreck the furniture, which you are more likely to do, you will lose your furniture value. If the moving company ruins your furniture, which they are less likely to do, you will get insurance money. On the one hand, the probability of you losing is high. On the other, the likelihood of you losing is zero, and there is a slight chance that you might gain something too. Which is the most suitable option for you?

Why may you require moving services for your furniture?

I don’t doubt that you are strong. I just think that the moving company will be more qualified to take care of your furniture, among other things. If you are in Nevada, I would recommend looking at move4lessnevada.com because they offer affordable moves, and they didn’t break anything the last time I hired them, which can’t be said for most. I will stress that you should conduct your own research to figure out which is the best moving company for you, but I think I have presented the arguments you will need to make an informed decision. Cheers!