Why Should We Make Amazing YouTube Intros?

Amazing YouTube Intros

YouTube videos are a fantastic time pass for most of the world in their leisure. Many people, mostly youngsters nowadays, want to become the next PewDiePie on YouTube with their content. Many small businesses that just have started are also trying to achieve growth through these online social networking websites. As most of us kill lots of time on YouTube and such other social platforms watching videos, some businesses are also trying to use the content advertisement by using these visual contents as much as possible to make their products and business more appealing to the target viewers and the general mass.

There are all kinds of businesses opening their YouTube channels as well. They are from the food and beverages, fashion, study, even real estate marketing is also going on YouTube as real estate marketers are also upgrading their strategies. 

Amazing YouTube Intros

Many clients ask the intro to do business as they are unaware of the positive effects of intros and outros in their videos. They don’t know how to make their videos more impactful, so their viewers open their channels and stick to it.

Hence, we will tell you why intro is important for your videos.

Here today, we will tell you about why you should make an amazing intro to your videos. And if you want to make your intro videos, you can try the YouTube video intro maker tools like InVideo as well.

Intros and why they are important:

Intros are an essential part of a YouTube video channel. If you have an interesting intro that does not continue for eternity, people will stick to their watching screens. Intros are capable of letting your audience know who you are and what you are trying to sell. An intro becomes an identity of a YouTube channel. The intros will also help you to tell your viewers that you have a brand; you can also get intros that may help you to tell your viewers something about your brand as well.

Intros to your YouTube videos will have many positive impacts on your channel traffic and the number of your viewers. Here we tell you about some.

Intros will build trust at first sight:

This is the best advantage of having an intro in your YouTube videos. When new viewers come across your brand, they will hold a perception of a clean slate. However, if your videos are not attracting enough, their mind will automatically start making an impression about your channel, and one thing is for sure, this is not going to be a good impression. If you make a trustworthy channel, your viewers will stay, and they will go if not. And in this case, even established brands keep their teams to use logo animations in their videos. So always keep this in mind: small intros will surely make or break your initial trust in your brand. If you are a business, try to make high-quality intros as that will give you professionalism, and your potential clients will love that.

It will reinforce your brand:

When people interact with certain brands, they will involuntarily memorize some of its elements. If your intro is an attractive one, it will drag the customer’s attention towards your brand. Always remember that your potential customers will only like repetitive ones, such as your brand’s name or logo. And this, in this particular case, becomes YouTube videos. The unique visual or audio style intro of your brand will grab the attention of your potential customers and will keep it that way. While consistently used in video intros, it will automatically become more effective in reinforcing the identity of your brand.

Intros will also act as a Warmup for your content:

What do we do when we meet our old friends? Whatever we do, we don’t jump into heated conversations straight away, right! This is the same thing you should do. You should start videos with warmups. Then you will slowly move to the next point. This is what intros do. It is the greeting to your viewer friends after a long time. So, an intro and how or where to use it is the most important thing you should know while editing the videos.

Offering consistency:

People love consistency at a certain level, especially when it comes to their favorite brands. Think about it, a politician who keeps changing his/her opinion every few weeks should be viewed as an inconsistent and untrustworthy one, right? This goes the same with the brands as well. If your brand keeps changing logos every now and then, your viewers will not trust you anymore. And that is not the viewers only; our brain is wired that way to trust the familiar signs only. A little 5 to 15 seconds animation before the beginning of your video will offer you consistent service, and your viewers will also love to watch it. This sense of familiarity in your viewer’s brain will build the trust, and intros before your videos will construct it better.

Hooks in your viewers:

This is another great feature you will have after adding intros to your videos. There are many people on YouTube, and most of them are just passing their leisure watching videos. They will keep scrolling until a title, description, thumbnail or preview catch their eyes. So, if you have an interesting intro at the starting of your videos, your potential viewers, or customers, if you are a brand, will hook in viewers. It will give your viewers enough time to settle down and bring themselves to the context as well. A good video title stays for 4 seconds on YouTube. It helps the user to know what is talked about in the video. This way, more users get attracted to your videos, and more traffic to your website is ensured.

Intros are important, but outros are important as well. With intros, you will bring viewers to your channel on YouTube, but with outros, you can glue them to your channel for a few minutes. So also check about the benefits of a good outro as well.