Why my car key has stopped working?

In the busy routine of everyday life, another tension is to realize that our car key is not working. You are ready to go somewhere and eventually your car keys stop working. And that moment you realize that you might be locked out of your car and you start figuring out the reason, why it is so? The answer may be easy but at that moment of stress, you might skip the actual reason but in spite of pondering on, you just trying to force your car keys to start working.


Types of car keys:

In order to figure out the main problem, you first know the type of car key that you have and how it works in your car. Everyone thinks that all car keys are the same after all they are all used to operate the car but they are not the same. Even our car doors might look the same but they are all unique.

The most common type of car keys that are used is a traditional key, which is just a physical key that is used to operate the car locks and work in combination with your eruption. You can try car key maker near me, to find the nearest locksmith. Probabilities are if you own an automobile that was made before 1995; your keys are the conventional ones. After 1995 most of automobile companies start manufacturing the wireless keys that operate the vehicle with a signal. Keys are designed with an embedded transmitter in it that connects with the receiver fitted in the car. In order to open the car the transmitter and the receiver exchange numbers of signals with each other so that the right key opens the right car. Now the more advanced operating device is being introduced by the automobile companies. The concept is the same as in transponder keys but the difference is these are keyless and looks like the remote. As these are keyless so the remote itself connects with your automobile. Most automobiles used a push button.


Why you’re Car Key Is Not Working

Now we will discuss the possible reasons why our car keys have stopped working. Some of the reasons are given below:


Your lock may be damaged

If you are using an older version of the car then there are possibilities that your car’s lock might be damaged. When we use the traditional key to open the car locks then there are chances with the passage of time the internal structure of the lock might be damaged. There is also the possibility that the car lock might get some dirt and stopped working.


Your key may be damaged

There is also the possibility of having a key damaged with minute changes that are not visible with our naked eye but causing the problem. When the key grooves wore out it stop correspond to the inner structure of the lock and no more working.


The problem in ignition cylinder

Key not only works on physical interaction with the inner lock but its ignition cylinder is also very important. If there is any problem in the ignition cylinder then the problem is related to some mechanical issue. If your key is not working it is not only the issue of your key it might be symptoms of any big damage. So immediately search for “locksmith near me”.


Key batteries

If your key is not working it might be possible that the key batteries are worn out and no more functional, change the key battery and then try. Batteries stop working after a certain period of time and stop sending signals to the car.


Copied key

If you are not using the original key but instead you are using a copy key then it might be the reason your key has stopped working, because the original key is programmed with your car and work accurately. But if all of your keys are not working, you must search for key duplication near me.

If you are facing any above problem then you should consult with a good locksmith near you.