Why do you need executive recruitment software?

executive recruitment software

The best executive search firms are at the top because they use quality executive recruitment software to boost their search. In the pursuit of finding, engaging, and placing top-tier executive candidates, head-hunters are aided by recruitment CRM software. Head-hunters must work with recruiting software if they want to get the best out of the search process.

Good executive recruitment software helps in securing:

Quality candidates

High caliber senior executives do not openly state their interest in moving on to new roles. It is up to the head-hunters to be proactive and locate such candidates for their clients. An executive recruiting CRM system helps in identifying, filtering, shortlisting, and placing the skilled executives in strategic positions in client companies. Social media integration in recruitment software solutions makes shortlisting efficient for recruiters. Instead of going to platforms like LinkedIn and manually copying all the information on suitable candidates to the software, now it is possible to have everything on hand without copying anything. Features like these save recruiters’ a lot of time and energy while increasing their productivity levels.


Market mapping

Head-hunters are equipped with high-level industry insights and trends. Client companies hire them for these specific pieces of information. Head-hunters must have prior knowledge of the industry, the market competitors, the current trends, and the important executives running the industry. It is also a way of keeping tabs on the employment status of highly skilled senior and C-suite executives who will not be publicizing their interest in new roles. Executive recruitment CRM enables efficient market mapping by providing tools that help identify executives in the area after which head-hunters can look them up on LinkedIn or contact their network.


Data analysis

Every industry has learned to harness the power of big data. Recruitment needs big data as it contains massive amounts of data. In recruitment, it is important not just to have a huge number of contacts and candidates but to ensure they are all relevant ones. Big data is essentially a mass of unstructured and structured information that is not present in a useable format. Usually, an expert data analyst would do the job of obtaining significant information and making sense of it. However, this requires a considerable amount of time and effort. Now, all it takes is a good quality executive recruitment software to extract appropriate and useable data from the software. And this can be accomplished quickly and efficiently. Also read Mis Webmail.


Legal compliance

It is necessary to conduct GDPR, IR35, and right to work compliance checks on all candidates. It is not uncommon to have top-level executive search firms placing skilled international executives in high positions in various companies across the world. Right-to-work checks are mandatory for any country. Head-hunters might find it challenging to cross-check different legal requirements of the various countries. A simple mistake can be quite costly, especially if it means having to restart the search process all over. Executive recruitment software solutions are easily equipped to handle such tasks. Compliance checks on GDPR and IR35 are equally important. A head-hunter conducting such inspections must have a thorough knowledge of these topics but getting technology to do these tasks lessens their burden quite considerably.