Why do you need a changing mat?

Why do you need a changing mat?

Change a diaper for a baby born about 8 times a day if not more.

If you are a parent for the first time, do not despair of child to child diapers as little as possible just

What do you need to be able to change a diaper?

When changing diapers a baby needs to do so many actions at once, make sure all the necessary items are within reach on the changing mat, and if that is not enough we need to make sure we have not forgotten anything for a diaper like: ointment, pacifier and most importantly a diaper of course because we got it?

And most importantly while (and if it is not enough) to not take our eyes off our precious treasure.

Come on, multitasking? Small task for us. Imagine you will be like in the movie:

Looking for the pacifier that was lost the second, picks up the dirty nappy with the leg just like Messi and throws it straight into the tin, while replacing, closes it and the baby is already fully clothed smiling

Yes you WIN !!!!

But not all of us from Millionaire and Messi and some of us are afraid that this is the first time and have not experienced it at all

But there are those for whom this is their first time as a parent and have never experienced the diaper experience and need help, information and guidance to know how to diaper in the easiest, most convenient and fast way.

In order for you to go through the entire swaddle process safely, you will need to choose the ideal swaddle pad for you.

How many types of surfaces are there at all?

There are so many types of diaper pads in stores, across the chain or recommended to you by family or friends:

There are cotton/cloth swaddle pads,

There are PVC plastic,

Some are thin and some are thick,

There are small and large,

There is a round head protector around the head,

There are disposables, designed or simple.

How do you arrange everything on the surface?

In most swaddle surfaces, place a basket with all the items you need to swaddle, such as: diapers, ointment, wipes, etc ..) And there are those who put everything in one of the drawers in the dresser.

A bit cumbersome.

In order to diaper in the most comfortable and efficient way, there is another effective solution from the diaper surface that has a solution for everything – the diaper

A thick mattress, comfortable and cozy upholstered, high and padded protective sides to protect the baby’s head, full of storage pockets to organize all the things around easy access without looking too much,

This way all the attention is focused on the baby and not on the search for a pacifier, wipe and ointment or worrying about something falling.

Large and spacious surface with enough free space for the baby.

The surface is made of a hygienic antibacterial substance that prevents the accumulation of bacteria and thus also maintains the health of your baby.

And the shit – get ready for it….

A unique wipe pocket that allows you to pull out very easily.

All the benefits in one product.

So which diaper pad would you choose?

One last important thing there are lots of types of diaper pads. The diaper surface on a dresser / bed / table makes it very easy to care for the baby and prevents back pain for the parents because in this way the parent stands upright and does not have to bend and load weight or uncomfortable movement on the back. It follows that a diaper pad is a healthy and convenient solution for caring for a baby.