Why children should learn Quran with online Quran Classes

The first Quranic verses Allah revealed to the Prophet (PBUH) say to read in the name of Allah. The focus of these Quranic verses was on their recitation. It’s essential for Muslims to learn Quran online and recite it. Believers generally learn to read the Quran in their childhood.

Muslim parents who want to give their children a righteous upbringing frequently make them attend Quran classes. The common method of learning Quran online these days is through an online Quran Academy.

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Advantages of learning Quran at an online Quran Classes

There’s an abundance of excellent options when it comes to online Quran academies. While traditional Quran classes take place in mosques, etc., learning Quran online through a Quran academy gives us access to plenty of Quran tutors. Various qualified online Quran tutors, including female tutors for girls, are generally available.

Learning Quran online via an online Quran academy is immensely convenience. Traveling becomes obsolete for students and teachers alike, so prices are lower. As the market is very competitive and demand is high, there’s an emphasis on quality. Therefore, teachers are highly capable and competent read Surah mulk online.

When kids learn Quran online, classes are typically one-on-one. The teacher’s focus is thereby solely on the student he’s teaching. This approach enhances productivity and results in a superior quality of teaching in comparison to traditional teaching methods. Learning Quran online at home enables parents to monitor classes and track their children’s progress. Monitoring of lessons cannot usually be done in this way when kids are taught the Quran at mosques, etc. Moreover, studying at home is a safer option for children.

Disadvantages of learning Quran at an Online Quran Academy

The biggest issue with learning Quran online is the absence of the unique atmosphere of studying in a mosque. Our homes cannot replicate the atmosphere of a mosque, which is a perfect place for studying the Quran. We also miss out on the rewards Muslims get for going to mosques.

Additionally, the advantages of face-to-face interaction are missing. Pupils can be more casual than they would be in a proper classroom due to the different atmosphere. As the lessons are conducted virtually, the bond between students and teachers is less personal.

Online Quran courses and learning programs

There’s a program for beginners who neither know Arabic nor have Quranic knowledge. It familiarizes kids with the Arabic alphabet. They learn how to read and pronounce words and sentences in Arabic.

Then, there’s a Tajweed course, which targets children that are already able to read Arabic. Kids learn the rules and characteristics of Arabic letters. Tajweed corrects their pronunciation of the Noble Quran’s verses.

After that, there’s a course for Arabic, which teaches beginners. Kids learn the Arabic alphabet, vocabulary, and grammatical rules so that they can read the Quran and compose Arabic sentences.

Also, there’s a program that teaches kids about the fundamentals of Islam, like the five pillars. They will also learn daily duas, and memorization of some short surahs will be encouraged.

Additionally, there’s a Quran memorization course, taught by expert tutors. It includes the learning of Tajweed and mastery of recitation (Qirat).

Finally, there’s a Quran translation course. Understanding the Quran is a must, and kids will learn translations of the Quran and explanations of what the words in the Quran mean.