Learning Holy Quran with the Help of Tajweed from Norani Qaida

The Holy Quran is the only source for the Muslims, which is revealed by the Allah Almighty on His prophet Muhammad PBUH. However, this divine source is necessary to learn so that we can know the exact words sent by Allah Almighty. There are several people who love to learn the Holy Quran, but they are unaware of the exact way of learning the Holy Quran. Therefore, you can know here the best way to learn the Holy Quran with the help of Tajweed. However, you need to learn Tajweed in a better way from the Norani Qaida. Once you learn the Tajweed from the Norani Qaida, you may recite and understand the Holy Quran.

It is important to share here that it is necessary to pronounce the Arabic exactly and accurately because if one recites without considering this, then the meaning of the words change. Therefore, it is very crucial to pronounce carefully. If one really wants to pronounce and recite in the best way, then one needs to learn Tajweed in a better way.

The Noorani Qaida plays a pivotal role while learning the Tajweed, and then the Holy Quran. Most of the believers have gone through this Qaida first because it assists in teaching the proper accent, articulation, inflection, and emphasis on the letters. Similarly, it is also necessary to pronounce the right letter in the right place. So, Noorani Qaida is too much important for learning the Holy Quran.

Learn Tajweed and Its Rules


Tajweed is the word of the Arabic word beyond which the whole meaning and recitation of the Quran can be learned. However, it has been derived from the root word J W D. It means to make better or to implement improvement. Therefore, one who is interested in learning the Holy Quran, then he must know the necessary rules of the Tajweed. Otherwise, he would not be able to learn the Holy Quran.

Necessary Rules of the Tajweed for Learning the Holy Quran

There are some inevitable rules of the Tajweed which are necessary for learning the Holy Quran. All these rules are unfolded below:

1.    Heart: Its Manners

The first and the foremost rule of the Tajweed is to know the heart of the person who intends to learn the Holy Quran. There are several things that can be included in the manners of the heart, such as a person who should have knowledge and trust that the Quran is the sacred book revealed by Allah Almighty, but it is not the text made or set by the man. Similarly, one must clear his or her thoughts before going to learn the Holy Quran. Apart from this, a person who recites the Holy Quran must understand the words and sentences that he recites in the Holy Quran.

On the other hand, one must be of a humble nature, which is going to learn the Holy Quran because it is revealed to the people with a humble soul. The reason beyond this is the speech of Allah provides meaning in very depth. However, it is also necessary that one who recites the Holy Quran must understand that it is the message for the person who is reciting it. Therefore, one who pronounces in a better way, then he can easily learn the Holy Quran.

2.    External Manners and its Necessity

Apart from the manners of the heart, there are also external manners necessary for learning the Tajweed, and then Quran. External manners can be of several things because they may include purity of the body, whatever the clothes one wears, and wherever he sits for the Holy Quran’s recitation. It is also a positive point if one turns his face towards Qiblah (Kiblah) while reciting the Holy Quran.  Apart from this, it is important to use pure and classical Arabic dialect and pronunciation. It means that they do not mix any foreign accent or dialect with the Arabic letters or words.

3.    Makharij-ul-Huroof and its Importance

It is one of the most important rules for Tajweed. Once you learn this rule, then you can easily recite as well as learn the Holy Quran. It is also known as the emission points of the letters. A learner has various places in the mouth, on the lips, and in the throat. However, the sound of the different letters can be emitted for the Arabic language. After learning this rule, it becomes easy to recite the Holy Quran.

4.    The Importance of the Sifaat-ul-Huruf

It is another important rule of the Tajweed i.e., Sifaat-ul-Huruf. It tells about the characteristics of the letters. These Sifaat-ul-Huruf are referred to as the attributes of the letters. Similarly, they are also referred to as the manner of the articulation of the letters.

5.    The Noon and Its Importance in Tajweed

It is the rule of the Tajweed, which also has an inevitable role in learning the Holy Quran. The Noon and the Tanween­­­­­­ are somehow rules for the Tajweed. The Noon Sakinah and Tanween produce the vowels ‘a’ such ‘nnn’ sound after the vowel. However, it can be produced in 4 different ways.

6.    Meem

It is another rule of the Tajweed which need to be learned for the Holy Quran. It is Meem Sakinah, which relates the letter Meem. It can be produced in three different ways of pronunciation. So, this letter also has a big place in the learning of the Holy Quran.

7.    Muddud

It is one of the seventh rules for Tajweed learning for the sake of Quran learning. It concerns the prolongation. It considers the number of beats pronounced once the vowel letter is followed by the Mudd letter. So, Muddud also has prime significance in the Tajweed rules.

8.    Laam

It is another rule for learning the Tajweed i.e., Laam. However, it is somehow difficult to learn this rule, but once a person practices it, he can learn it. ‘The’ is the word of English, but ‘al’ is the Arabic word for ‘the.’ However, Laam in the al would be pronounced if the al is the Qamariyya. On the other hand, it would be silent if Shamsiyya follows the al. Both Qamariyya and Shamsiyya are the shapes of the Arabic letters.

9.    Tafkhim and Tarqeeq

This is the last rule of the Tajweed for learning the Holy Quran. However, these are the rules for thickness and thinness. Basically, the Arabic words like other languages can have a thickness as well as thinness. Similarly, if there is a thick word in the Arabic language, then a heavy accent is used i.e., Tafkhim. However, some letters are produced thin with a very light accent i.e., Tarqeeq.

The Most Important Question Arises in the Mind

After learning the reading these rules of Tajweed, a question arises in the mind that where one can learn these rules in the best way. However, the answer is very easy that several forums offer Quran learning classes. One can also know about the learning of Quran in Quran classes as it is unfolded below:

Quran Learning in Quran Classes

Quran learning in this modern technological world has become very easy for every single believer. However, Quran learning is also necessary for every believer. It is the only purpose of mankind to follow the path directed by Allah Almighty and convey His message of Islam. Similarly, one can learn the Holy Quran at the best tutor so that one can easily save his/her time. Therefore, believers can learn the Holy Quran in two available options i.e., traditional Quran learning or Online Quran Learning. It means that one who follows the traditional Quran learning needs to go to institute and present himself physically. On the other hand, online Quran learning is the easiest way to learn from the place that suits you the most. Therefore, Quran learning, with the help of Tajweed, can only be learned in any of the ways of the Quran classes mentioned above. Apart from this, the believers would be taught the Tajweed from the Noorani Qaida as they can learn in the better way in Quran classes Quranforkids.com .


Learning the Holy Quran has become the easiest way if one learn it with the help of Tajweed learning from the Noorani Qaida. Similarly, one who can easily learn the Tajweed and its rules unfolded above, can easily learn the Holy Quran in no time. Apart from this, it is also important to learn the Holy Quran properly with routine practice. However, it becomes possible when one goes to learn the Holy Quran in any kind of Quran classes discussed above. On the other hand, most believers learn the Holy Quran in the online Quran classes because it suits this option in all perspectives. Thus, it is necessary to learn the Holy Quran for every believer. However, modern science has made it easier for believers to learn it at home even with the help of internet facility.