Why Are Compact Toilets Best for Small Bathrooms?

Toilet is an important equipment in your bathroom. You have to consider various points before you choose a toilet for your home. The size of toilet is one of the most important details. You may have heard of compact toilets, they come in a little small size than standard toilets without making any compromise with your comfort.

When you decide to buy a new toilet, you must know the space available in your bathroom. The size of your bathroom is the primary information you need to select a suitable toilet. A compact toilet is the perfect choice for a small bathroom. It will save space and provide all the comfort and convenience you expect from a standard toilet.

Why Compact Toilets Are Best for Small Bathrooms

The compact toilets are best and most suitable equipment for small bathrooms. Because they fulfill all your requirements in the limited space available in your bathroom. If you really want to know why compact toilets are best for small bathrooms then you should check out all the points we have shared below:

Fit Perfectly:

When you have a bathroom with limited space, you need to go through many troubles to get suitable items for it. Because you need a bathtub, shower space, toilet, cupboard, sink or washbasin and you need to fix them all in very limited space. Therefore, we recommend you to find the best compact toilet as it will fit perfectly in your small bathroom.

You can also go for a standard toilet but it will take up more space which may not be suitable for your small bathroom. You can also select a tankless toilet which requires much less space and fits easily in a small bathroom, but it is quite expensive. You may have to pay at least a thousand dollar to buy it.

Saves Space:

The size of bathroom is the basic information based on which you need to select a toilet and other products. The best thing about a compact toilet is that it saves space. You want to install all bathing products in your small bathroom, it is possible with a good brand compact toilet. They are also known as space saving toilets or small toilets.

Suitable for Powder Rooms:

Nowadays, people have two or three bathrooms in their house. Out of them, one is master bathroom and remaining two are regular or small bathrooms. Some people call them powder rooms as they use it for a limited purpose i.e. getting fresh. A small room under your staircase is also known as powder room. You should buy a compact toilet for it as it will be suitable for the powder room.

Affordable Price:

The compact toilets not only fit in your bathroom, they will also fit into your wallet. The best compact toilet is also budget friendly i.e. available at an affordable price. There are two types of compact toilets i.e. regular toilets and smart toilets. The regular toilets are budget friendly, while the small toilets are a bit expensive as they offer hands-free operation and many smart features for the user.

Ideal for Everyone:

The compact toilets are a bit smaller compared to standard toilets still they are comfortable. Any young or adult person can comfortably sit on a compact toilet and use it. It will also be suitable for the elder children in your family. So, whether the user is an adult or elderly person, the compact toilet is convenient for almost everyone.

Great Flushing Performance:

When the size of toilet is compact (small like), people usually underestimate it. But we want to convince you that the compact toilet does not compromise in performance. Its flushing system is so powerful that it eliminates the waste in a single flush. You will not need to flush two times unless the waste is in a very large amount.

Water Conservation:

You must check the water consumption details carefully before deciding to buy any toilet. Most compact toilets use either 1.6 gallons of water or 1.28 gallons of water per flush. If possible, we recommend you to buy a compact toilet with 1.28 GPF water usage. It will help you save a lot of water and also reduce your water bills.

Is Corner Toilet A Compact Toilet?

Corner Toilets are invented for saving space in your bathroom. They are installed on the floor where two walls meet i.e. in the corner. Such toilet is installed in corner and it comes with a triangular shaped tank which takes up much less space than a regular tank with standard toilet.

The corner toilet saves much space and provides great comfort to the user. Please note that the overall size of corner toilet is smaller than standard toilet and a little bigger than the compact toilet. You can consider the corner toilet as a compact toilet but you must have drain and plumbing in the corner area to install and use it in your bathroom.

Is Wall Mounted Toilet A Compact Toilet?

Most of wall mounted toilets come without tank, it does not mean they don’t require tank. The wall mounted toilet requires an in-wall tank which is fixed inside the wall. As the tank is installed inside wall, it saves space. Moreover, the toilet bowl is mounted on wall instead of floor, so it also saves space. If you have a small bathroom then a wall mounted toilet can be a great option for you.

The wall mounted toilet does not affect the space available on floor. In addition, you can consider it as a compact toilet for your small bathroom or powder room as it saves a lot of space. However, you must have the drainage in your bathroom’s wall to install and use a wall mounted toilet.

Final Verdict:

A compact toilet is an alternative to standard toilet. You should choose the best compact toilet over a regular toilet when you have a small bathroom. It will fit perfectly in the limited space and still provide all the comfort and convenience.