Why AngularJS for Mobile App Development Becomes the First Choice?

JavaScript and its frameworks seem to be leading the mobile application development market. AngularJS for mobile apps top the chart as it is the first preference for both business owners and developers. It extends the JavaScript, HTML, and CSS capabilities.

Being versatile, AngularJS mobile development framework has gained a wide popularity. In 2012, AngularJS was introduced by Google. It is an open-source JavaScript framework that is popular to build Single Page Applications. This brings revolutionary changes in mobile applications.

Why go for AngularJS Mobile Development? 

AngularJS for mobile app development turns the designing of mobile apps simpler. This framework is used to restructure the JS code. It is also used to collect data as well as help the developers in terms of maintaining the code integrity of the mobile application. AngularJS mobile works on blocks building with:

  • Routing and binding
  • Unit testing
  • Rules to collect data into HTML
  • Rendering of controllers and HTML
  • Handling of event and Error

Benefits of AngularJS 

AngularJS for mobile app development becomes the first choice. What are the top benefits of AngularJS, check it out:

  1. MVC Structure 

MVC (Model View Controller) is a simple platform to build dynamic mobile applications. If we talk about AngularJS for mobile app development, this structure can help you maintain varied tasks such as maintaining the data via the model, displaying the data using controller, and view and manage the data via the model. Further, it showcases the data using view. The controller sets up and manages the connection between view and model. Thus, the MVC structure saves crucial time on the development.

  1. Modular Structure 

Its modular structure enables the developers to manage the code into buckets according to their directives, components, services, and directives. This allows you to save time once you get familiar with the AngularJS framework. The programmers also can access ‘lazy load’ through which the mobile application can load on-demand/in the background. This makes it advantageous to use AngularJS for mobile app.

  1. Reusing the Code 

If you are going to use AngularJS for mobile app development, you will be able to know that you can reuse the AngularJS code due to modular structure. According to the developer’s selection, each module is dependent or independent on each other. They can use the option of reusing their previous app components in order to make an invention in their new application. This is the benefit of using AngularJS for mobile app that it allows the developer to save good time just by copying and pasting the older codes.

  1. Flexible and Strong Routing 

The developers implement routing for different requirements and for features such as nested states (part of core angular.js router). AngularJS for mobile app development brings several advantages such as scalable, simple, and extensible routing features. The routing features include navigational model changes, URL resolver, hash change, child router option (push state), etc. AngularJS mobile has managed to meet the high expectations of the mobile application developers. These are the benefits of AngularJS related with strong routing.

  1. User interface 

AngularJS for mobile app development depends on the HTML in order to define the mobile application user interface. Most of the developers find it challenging to define the flow of the program in terms of making decisions about what we should upload first. Along with HTML, AngularJS mobile offers more intuitive and declarative apps, as HTML is the simplest language.

  1. High-Quality Performance 

AngularJS for mobile app development is known for rendering improved performance. It allows developers to build mobile applications freely (with their choice of features). The newer versions of AngularJS mobile are expected to boost the performance further. Originally, this framework was designed for designers now it accomplishes several requirements of mobile application developers as well with enhanced performance.

  1. Good Community Support 

AngularJS for mobile app has been built by the search engine giant Google. It offers vast community support in order to improve the framework regularly. The support of the community proves to be advantageous in order to search for the solutions of major as well as minor issues in the development process. The community hosts different conferences as well as invites information technologies from the world to introduce changes and advancements in the industry.

  1. Single Page App Creation 

AngularJS for mobile app development supports varied SPA (Single Page Application) features. It turns simpler to build and control online forms as well as it assures productive outcomes. If a developer chooses to use AngularJS for a single page application, it proves more control in terms of form validation abilities. With this, the entire app development process turns out to be simpler to complete.

  1. New Module Creation 

It is also a superb feature offered by AngularJS framework. Mobile application developers have to build some modules for the single page apps. The reason is that modules are dependent on each other and you can combine them to run the app smoothly. This enables the Angular developers to build a fresh module automatically so that you can combine it with the already existing (built) module of the application.

  1. Open-Source 

If we discuss the benefits of AngularJS, open-source comes first. Being open-source in nature, it renders developers varied features and integration capabilities. Its cross-platform compatibility makes it popular among the users. With cross-platform ability, developers do not have to get worried about creating scripts in different browsers. Furthermore, it provides app developers the convenience to implement it effectively at the time of providing updates.

  1. Unit Testing Ready 

No development can be called complete without quality testing. AngularJS has been built after considering all the aspects of testing. For assurance of zero glitch and to save time, AngularJS is integrated with unit testing setup. With the help of this setup, developers are able to get accurate insight of development results. This makes AngularJS for mobile app development a top choice.

  1. Amazing user interface

If you want to build an amazing user interface, AngularJS for mobile app is a go-to framework. It is capable of delivering an amazing user-interface and enables developers to build user-friendly and lightweight apps.

Wrapping up 

In the past few years, AngularJS for mobile app development has seen a tremendous growth. Having a number of advantages, it is about to flourish in the future as well. The framework renders high-level abstraction that helps developers to simplify mobile application development process at the same time saving a considerable amount of time. There are many benefits of AngularJS for mobile app development. Each business owner wants to get benefit of this framework such as simple implementation, easy to learn, approved by Google, readable and coherent. How to get the benefits of all these features? Hire the best AngularJS app development company like Ads n Url. Share your queries and get the best solutions.