Glass vs. Plastic Containers: Which One is Better for Medical CBD Products

Medical CBD comes in various forms, including CBD oils, edibles, inhalable vapors, tinctures, etc. CBDs have been used for the treatment of epilepsy, anxiety, depression, stress, and other conditions. It helps put the mind at ease. No matter which type of CBD you use, it’s essential to store it in a way that keeps it safe, effective, and fresh.

CBP suppliers often sell products in plastic dropper bottles, containers, or bags. However, several users store them in glass containers. So, which method is better for the storage of CBD products? To reach a conclusion, we must first understand which factors contribute to the degradation of CBD products.

CBDs contain cannabis, and its potency is affected by several factors. To keep it effective, you need to be mindful of the following factors:

  • Exposure to light
  • Heat
  • Air
  • Humidity

The primary factors that contribute to the degradation of CBD products include heat and exposure to light. Let’s understand their impact in further detail below.

WHY CBD products shouldn’t be exposed to direct light?

Several CBD providers sell their products in packaging that prevents its exposure to light. Ever wonder what’s the reason behind it?

When a CBD product comes in contact with direct sunlight, it quickly starts degrading and become impotent. According to studies, light is the primary factor that degrades cannabis the most. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep CBD oils, edibles, and other products away from exposure to light.

Make sure you don’t put the product near a window or in your car’s dashboard because it can cause it to degrade quickly. The best place to store your CBD products would be somewhere dry, dark, and cool. These conditions ensure a long life of CBD products.

Keeping your CBD oils in the refrigerator may also be an excellent idea as it’s cool and dry. However, consult with your supplier before doing so. For temporary protection from light, you can wrap your CBD products with aluminum foil to keep it from getting exposed to direct light.

Although there’s limited evidence, indirect light may also contribute to the degradation of your CBD products. Thus, it would be best to choose a dark storage place to minimize the risk of impotent products.

Why you should keep your CBD products away from heat?

Heat is another factor that heavily contributes to the degradation of CBD products. This happens because no CBD product is 100% pure. The mineral contents of your CBD oils can react due to heat and reduce the potency or change the properties of your product. Moreover, heat can also make oil a bit thicker and murky.

The ideal storage of your CBD products would be where there is minimum exposure to heat. Heat along with light and sometimes oxygen cause the THC to breakdown into CBN, which makes your CBD product impotent. Moreover, it causes a change in flavor and smell.

Are Plastic containers a good idea for CBD products?

Most CBD product suppliers sell CBD oils in plastic dropper bottles and other plastic containers. However, that’s far from the best option. Although you may use plastic containers temporarily, storing your CBD products in them for long periods has several adverse effects.

Plastic containers break down and leach BPA over time. This affects the flavor and potency of the cannabis content immensely. Moreover, plastic allows the air to pass through, which can also degrade the product.

Plastic bottles are a terrible choice for the storage of CBD oils and other products over long periods. It allows for static to buildup. The static charge fries up the valuable trichomes in the CBD oils and pushes them to the sides.

Are glass containers a better idea for CBD products?

The answer is a definite yes. No container keeps the CBD products fresh for a long time like glass does. Unlike plastic, glass isn’t static. So, it doesn’t change the flavor of products over time. Plus, glass containers are air tights and prevent oxidation from ruining the potency of the products.

Glass dropper bottles are a better choice for CBD oils compared to plastic because they don’t contribute to the degradation of products by degrading. They also don’t allow the air to pass through and keep the smell and taste fresh.  For optimum results, fill your glass containers by ¾, to ensure that oxygen doesn’t get stored in the empty space.

Although glass containers are better for CBD products than plastic, they have their own challenges. Glass allows the UV light to pass through it, which can singlehandedly degrade your products. However, if you use a glass that isn’t transparent and is made of a material that reflects the UV light, then your CBD products will stay safe.

You can also keep your glass container safe by wrapping it in a thick cloth such as a towel. If you store your glass containers away from light and in a cool and dry place, then there would be no reason to worry.

Quick tips for the storage of CBD products

By following the tips given below, you can reduce the chances of the degradation of your CBD products:

  • Store the container away from direct sunlight
  • Store the products in a cool, dark, and dry place
  • Keep the products in an airtight container, i.e., glass
  • Keep containers away from sources of heat such as electric appliances, stove, etc.
  • Don’t keep the products in plastic bags or containers for long periods

Final verdict

Do not use plastic containers for long-term storage of CBD products. Otherwise, the potency of the product will degrade rapidly. Glass containers are a much better option because they aren’t static, and they provide airtight conditions.

Storing the containers of CBD products in a sustainable, cool, dry, and dark environment will increase their lifespan. By following our tips explained above, you can store your CBD products safely.

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