Why Precuts Better Than Rolled Kinesiology Tape!!!

Kinesiology tapes are applied in short strips on injured muscles and joints directly or around the borders. These strips can be applied to various sizes and shapes. The application is customized according to the exact situational needs, depending upon the type of injury. X- strips, Y- strips, I-strips, and fan strips are the basis of kinesiology taping, which can be applied to almost any injury.

But kinesiology taping application had been very complicated until kinesiology precut tape was introduced.

The precut strips give more advantage over kinesiology rolled tapes in terms of flexibility and freedom to apply for different parts of the body.

The motive behind this article is to educate our customers about the kinesiology precut tape and rolled tapes and make them understand what to use on the basis of the following factors:


Hand-cut tapes from rolls are imperfect along the edges from where being cut and unravels within a few days. While precut tapes are machine cut with machine-finished edges that require no hand cutting and even don’t fray for several days. Where precut tapes don’t wear out for up to 1 week, hand-cuts roll tape frays in 3-5 days.


The application of kinesiology tape can be very complicated in case of no training and experience. It requires proper training and skill to cut design and apply tape for kinesiology rolls. Whereas you can easily apply kinesiology tape precut strips by yourself as they come with a step-by-step user manual that actually guarantees success. You can even watch online videos on the different processes of application for different needs. Some medical supplies have many videos on their online portal to give tutorials on application and approval of tape.


An injured athlete can often finish competition or match after a quick application of kinesiology tape, which is not possible with roll tape. Kinesiology pre-cut tape can be carried by an athlete in a sport’s bag or training bag and can be applied immediately post-injury. It takes comparatively longer to cut the desired strip from a roll of tape.

Application time

It takes longer to apply tape from kinesiology roll, as one needs to cut it in the desired length whereas precut tapes come in strips to be applied directly on your own. An expert takes approximately eight minutes to apply kinesiology tape from the roll while it takes around two minutes to apply pre-cut tape.

However, there are certain grey areas where precut tape does not provide a distinct advantage in terms of flexibility and cost. Precut tapes cannot be modified according to the big or small body size of the individual, which may vary. While here roll tapes are convenient to use which can be cut into desired size and shape. It is difficult to modify kinesiology tape precut strips but is very good for people with average body size and shape. Precut tapes are a little costly as compared to roll tapes because of their convenience, durability, and easy application. People who value convenience would buy precut kinesiology tape by paying extra money for that flexibility.

Closing lines

Precut ready to apply kinesiology tapes have gained much popularity in recent years over rolled tapes. Both have their own pros and cons, choosing them according to your needs after the careful examination is the best option. Application of precut doesn’t need any expert training or skill which is anyways required in roll tape.

However, precut tape has taken kinesiology tape to the next level. Buy precut kinesiology tape for therapeutic and preventive needs and enjoy flexibility and freedom. It is advisable to buy your tape of the good brand from a renowned dealer of medical supplies.