White masterbatch overview

White masterbatch overview

Most masterbatch suppliers offer their clients a wide selection of white masterbatch formulation in a variety of shades. These suppliers deliver and formulate masterbatch in high quality standards worldwide. Standard white masterbatch are universal in their application and are ready to ship off-the-shelf. This also goes for products with highly concentrated titanium dioxide (TiO2) content which serve applications requiring opaque design.

Key product sectors utilizing white masterbatch items include: rigid and flexible plastics for food packaging; consumer goods and industrial products; plastic toys; white goods products; and PVC pipes. Standard white masterbatch formulas meet global food contact, toy and waste disposal standards.

For applications requiring a particular shade of white, most suppliers give a fast design and delivery turn-around, making custom white masterbatches for ready delivery a good manufacturing option. Uniquely designed white masterbatches can likewise incorporate different handling or end-use properties as required. Most common requirements include: anti-block, anti-static, haze resistant, UV/lightblocking, tooling ejection properties, anti-bacterial and so forth. Suppliers usually deliver pre-tested documentation to cover regulatory needs.

Features of custom and standard white masterbatch:

  • Recyclable and maintainable product capability

  • Batch to group consistency over long production period

  • Custom tone shadings capability to meet required design specifications

  • Standard PEbased whites masterbatches straight off-the-shelf

  • Improved handling capability needs: compounding / film and sheet extrusion / pipe and profile extrusion / injection & blow molding are standard delivery items

  • most standard white masterbatch grades usually meet global food contact and toy regulations in full compliance with EU Packaging Regulation (Directive 94/62/EC)

Benefits of custom and standard off-the-shelf white masterbatch:

  • Lower energy costs

  • Assured quality, worry free

  • Increased end-use packaging results

  • Higher yield and decreased manufacturing costs

  • Improved surface quality and reduced imperfections

  • Broad product line of standard and custom items and complete client requirements to spec.

High performance design

Most white masterbatch suppliers design product range with exceptional attention for detail. In the past polymer formulation vendors were also the masterbatch suppliers. As critical color and specifications requirements increased, masterbatch suppliers started filling in where high-performance needs were most profitable. As profit margins stabilized and production costs decreased, masterbatch business expanded downwards. But the high-performance capability is still the mainstream business focus.

White masterbatch in rigid PVC Pipe

White masterbatch suppliers have more than three decades of experience providing the polyolefin business for pipe formulation. This experience is seen in the supplier’s mastery of critical-related market needs and is proven by their overall quality control. White pipe products are used in many of today’s construction and industrial applications.